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Navy-yard Voters

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The case of the contesteu seat of Abbott vs. Frost, f rom Charlestown, was being consideied by the Election Ooinmittee of the House to-day, says a Washington telegram, when a faot was developeil which gave to the Naval Committee ' another subject of investigation. Abbott, who is contestiiig the sont, produced the iollowing letter, which, it will be seen, is signed by the Chief of the Bureau of Construction of the Navy Department, who has boen sent for by the committee : [Private. ] Boston, Mass., Oct. 23, 1874.- My Dear Com. : 1 wish you vrould approve the rcquiuitious for mm Ui bo employed aB they may be made until the lat of November. Soino ├▒fty additional men have been allowed from the j Cheieea district, and I suppoee aome more wil ! be reqnired from Ooooh's district. The AdminiBtration deeire the success of Gooch and Frost. Yours reepeotfi├╝l.v, J. Haxscom. E. T. Niciiols, United States Navy Coniluandaiit.


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