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Gentlemen's Fashions

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SCABPS. Flat searfs are becoming very popular. At present most of them are dark in color and intended to be worn with a light pin in tho center; but as spring advances, lighter shades will be worn. GLOVM. Gentlemen's gloves will be -worn with one or two buttons. The glove stores I present a great variety of shades and colora sufficient to match any suit or harmonizo with complexion. A new shade of lavender, very light, and a peculiar shade of brown known as "chevI rette," are selling rapidly. Most gloves are stitched or braided on the back. Some heavy braids in fancy colors are I favored by purchasers. HATS. The spring style of silk hat is an improvement over previous fasliions, being loss bell-crowned and heavjr in appearance tlian the hat worn during the fall and winter. Seon from the side it lessens in size alightly toward the top, ! while a front view discloses a slight ontward curve. The brim is narrow with a I rolling or very narrow D'Orsay curve. For elderly gentlemen or for gentlemen with full faces the brim is a little wider. I Stiff feit hats are much worn. Their brims are usiially narrow, the crowns generally rounded and not so deep as for winter liats. Besides black and other i dark colors, there are mixed grays and browns to match the spring styles of ! walking suits. There are many styles of soft feit hats, ranging from those with a wide brim and tall erown to the more comtaon low-crowned hats worn by boys. The light shades of silk hats will not be found in the hat store until the middle of May. EXIT BOOTS. Fashionable shoemakers say that boots have gone entirely out of fashion, and are now worn only by a set of old gentlemen who disregard both comfort and style in their preference for them. Buttoned gaiters have been worn almost ex! clusively by fashionable men during the 1 winter, but as the weather grows warmer, I tho Oxford tie will be the favorite shoe. i The stj'le is plain, with rounded toe of medium breadth, a little narrower than for the winter, broad, low heel and a single sole of medium thickness, which gives the shoe a solid but very neat appearance, and makes it very comí ortable for the foot.


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