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The people, etc., vs. J. G. Wiggins, oonvicted for the murder of John Kreamer. Tlie prisoner waa brought into court to receive sentence. The court asked if he had anything to say why sentence of death should uot be pronounoed against him. The prisoner replied that he was not guilty of murder ; that his viotim, Dutch John, was armed with a pistol at the time of the shooting. The prisoner, in conclusión, called God to witness that he was innocent of murder. The prisoner was then told that the statute allowed him to select his mede of death, to be shot, hanged, or beheaded. He remained silent a moment, and then said : "I prefer to be shot." The court then pronounced the death sentence as follows : "It ia the judgment of the court that you be taken from henee to some place of safe conünement in this county ; tnat yon be there afely kept in confinement until Friday. the twenty-third day of June next ; that between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and three o'clock in the afternooi of that day you be taken from your place of confinement and publicly shot until you are dead. And may that God whose laws you have wantonly violated, but whose love and merey are as illimitable and boundless as eternity, have mercy on your soul." The prisoner scarcely moved while the stntence was being spoken, and manifested little anxiety or feeling at what was going on. However, when all was over, the terrible doom had been told, and he was removed from the room, he "let down" considerably, and showed that, hardened as he was in crime, and desperate, daring and lawless as he had been, he still could feel ; and as he contemplated the dreadod execution tears filled his eyes and his hands trembled. He was returned to the county jail and placed in


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