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Granger Centennial Hotel

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A Philadclphia letter-writer tays : " The Patrons of Husbandry, whoin the Agricultural and Horticultura! departments will have a good dcal to do with the Exhibition, and whoarelikelyto contributo a large number oí visitors from mariy of the States, started some timo ago an enterprise which, if it ís honestly carried out, may recommend itsolf to others besides meinbers of the order, who may not be able to endure tho péonniaiy " squeeze" at Philadelphia hotels and boarding-houscs. The original projector of this enterprise, Mr. B. II. Thomas, perfected the plan of what is called ' ' The Patrons' Centennial Encampment," intended to afford oheap board to all. Officers of an association were elécteci, who have got the lease of a largo mansión house and forty acres of land near Elrn station, on the maiii line of the Pennsylvania railroad, six miles from the business part of Philadelphia, and threo mileS from the Centeimial grounds. The a8sociation is a joint stock one, whose capital of $150,000 is solicited from subscribers at $50 a share. According to the last announcenients of the association the Board of Managers have made contracta for the ereotiou of buildings on their grounds (principally one-story), in which they propose to rent well, but not expensively furnished rooms, for $1 a day each to one or two persons. Meals will be provided at fifty cents each, but partios may bring their own provisions and still oecupy rooms. Pure water, thorough pólice surveillance, plenty of light on the grounds, corridors, diningrooms and offices at night, a large hall for lectures and religious services, a laundry, barber-shops, cigar stands, icecream saloons and other stores and shops (excepting bar-rooms for the salo of liquors) - these conveniences are promised at the encampment, bctween which and the Oentennial grounds and the city houïly trains will run, at fifteen cents to gö and return.


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