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Charles Dudley Warner, ín one oí ñis entertaining letters from Germany to tho Hartford Courant, says of tiie Prussian railways : " However, I dou't mean to complain of Germán railways, they are safo and comfortable ; if you want speed and damages you Americana know where to go. A compartment of tlie second class bolding eight persons, in a Germán carriage, is a snug place for a winter ride. It is so well upaolstered that you can ride on the seats without fatigue and sleep at yonr ease. The compartrnent of the fírst class is in the same carriage, and differs only in a little more luxurious upliolstering. For winter travel, when there is nothing to see, these cornpartments are very nice ; for summer I prefer an American palace-car. But when the wind raves over a desolate country there is a feeling of snugness in these little apartments. The windows are all closed, everybody liglits liis cigar, tho lady, if one happens to be present, doesn't ever think of sayhig that she likes smoke - that is taken íor grnuted - and soon the air is so thick tiiat you might irnasrine yourself in a beer hall enjoying yourself to the utmost. N ot that you are obliged to ride in smoke ; on probably all the trains there are compartments distinctly set apart for the not-smoking, and generally there is a separate compartment for ladies. It has becoaae the fashion since I was in Germany some years ago, to heat the carriages by steam pipes, and the passengers themselves can regúlate the inflow of the steam. The cars heated in this manner are so warm that you can take off overcoat and hat and sit, of ten with the window down, as if at home. But the heating by steam Í3 not universal, and occasionally the traveler is put into a cold ear and consoled only with a warmer, a tubefilled with hot water, which speedily cools, and in the procese seems to abstract all the natural heat from the feet and legs of the passenger.


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