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Juvenile Amusements In Denver

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Top-spining, marble-playmg, and all other similar sidewalk pastimes, says the Denver Ncwn, have suddenly been superseded, among bad boys, by a new and cruel sport called "jewsharping chickens." Procuring a grain of corn, the heart is hollowed out, and in the hole tüus made is tied a piece of string. To the other end a straw is seeured. When this is done the whole is tbrowu to a, chicken, which gobbles up and swallowsthe grain. Of conreé fche string and straw fo'How, loJging in the throat with the ei;d sticking out of the mouth. Then the sport, ü' anythiug so cruel can be called sport, begms. The chioken, unable to get the straw up or down, bpgins a motion with one foot, while standing on the other, wlr'ch is not unlike that of a boy playing on a jewsharp. No music of course proceeds f rom tbe throat of the nnfortnuate cbicken, but itscuriousgyrationsafl'ordaniiinuitefuml ot amusement to the boys, who look on in very much the same manner in which a crowded audience views a Fcreaming favco. It is a terrible ordeal to the cliicken, but then it is so much fun ior tho boys, and Youug America, you know, must have its part.


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