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The Board Of Supervisors

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As the result of last Honday'a eleotion the Board of Supervisors of this oouuty tor the coming year will be as follows : DEMOCRATS. Bridgewater, James M. Kress. Freedoiu, Jacob Breining. Lodi, Egbert P. Harper. Lyndon, Thomas Young. ilanchostür, Horatio Buroh. Northfield, Nathan E. Sutton. Scio, Patriok Tuomy. York, Jesse Waruer. Ypsilanti city, 2d dist., M. L. Shutts. HEPUBLICANS. ( Conrad Krapf. Aun Arbor City, Alonzo A. Uregory. ( Randtill Sohuyler. Ann Arbor Town, S. W. Shurtleff. Augusta, John D. Oloott. Dexter, Isaac W. Coleman. Lima, Nathan Pieree. Pittsfleld, Morton F. Case. Salem, Guorgo S. Wheeler. Saline, Wilson H. Berdan. Sharon, Jay Everett. Superior, Freeman P. Galpin. Sylvan, Wiüiaui F. Hatch. Webster, L. D. Ball. Ypsilanti City, 2d dist., H. Batchelder. Ypsilanti Towu, W. Irving Yeokley. Republicana, 16 ; Demócrata, 9. Last year Republicans, 14; Demócrata, 11. The Demoorats loae in this city, Dexter, Pittsfiold, and Sharon, and gain in Northfield and Scio. Those marked with a are ro-elected ; and of the new members all but Sutton, Shutts, Sehuyler, Coleman, and Case have served on the board in previous years. In the dark I that is the wail whioh the Republican jouraals united in sending up on Tuesday. Cause : an order from Secretary Bristow directing " the supplies of gas, water, and fuel " in custom-houses, postoffices, and other governinent buildings, " shut off." The order is based on the ground that the appropriation for tho fiscal year ia exhaustod, that the statute piohibits the contraction of any indebtedness for such purposes, and that the indolent or malicious House bas neglected and refused to pass a defioiency or supplomontal apprppriation bill. Tallow dips and cold fingers, delayed mails and obstruoted justice, and custom-house and other officials in the sulks, with au ill-served and exasperated public, are soma of the horrors vividly portrayed by indignant editors. At Boston and New York, Cincinnati and Louisville, Chicago and St. Louis, Detroit and Toledo, and all along the coast, deep darkness prevails or is threatened, and overcoats and legs must take the place of fuinace heat and steam-elevators. And jus t because the House prefers to nose around for fraud and corruption to passing " deficiency bilis." But what has made a " defioioncy bill " nece8Sary ? But nine months of the fiscal year gono and the appropriation exbausted. Who has stolen a quarter of the appropriation ? Had n't these questions better be answered before annihilating the House V Did Secretary Bristow and our Eepublican cotemporaries ever hear the injunction, " cut yonr coat accordiag to your cloth Í " or have they ben brought up to wear out a year's garments in nine months, just for the pleasure of appearing ciad in nature's undress the other three ? That is the result of improvidence, - without a deficiency bill. - ■ i f ►■■■ - - At THE election in Ypailauti on Monday, Lamhert A. Barnes, Rep., was reel ected Mayor by 193 majority ; Frank Joslin, Democrat, re-elected Clerk, by 115 majority. One Supervisor a Democrat and the other a Republican ; four Democratie and one llopublioan Aldormen, and one Constable of each party. It isn't of very much account, but then our duty as a faithful chronicler requires us to say that there was an election in Rhode Island on Wednesday, aud a Republican victory of large proportionB. Geií. A. S. Williams is chairman of the House Committee of Visitors to the Military Academy at West Point. And now the Detroit Post should rise up and howl.