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The Heckendorn Plow For 1876

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IMPROVED AND STREÏTGTHBÏTEID I The Cheaüest and Most Efficiënt Plow Now in Use. The celebrated Hecïcendprn Plow, which has becnawarded prtmiilIM at the Michigan State Fairs of 869, 1870 :iml 1875, has this WMOB been improved by mak ing the motdboud separate ïnnn standard. 'his (jives the plow more durability and greater strength. ft is now the Itghtest draft plow In use, and wo think is unrivalled ín the field. lts peculiar self-shar pening point is the simplust and most ecoñoiiit-i] plow known to plow-makers. lts reversible share ia a feature ol' great iiuportance, as it doubles the ast uk power of au important part of the plow. The laud-slde and inold-board emnbined cut a rhomboidal or dianiond-ahapwl furrow that requirus he least draft to turn, and thu wear of both is dimiuishud. Applications lor this plow mul for descripions of it may be made to the 1572 ANK ARBOR AORICULTLRAL WORKS, Ann Arbor, Mlch.


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