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A letter from this town says ; " We had a Democratie ticket and Town ticket, - all Democrats, and we elected ' alt' and alf. ' Supervisor - James M. Kress, Dera. Jlerk- David W. Palmer, Town. Treasurer- Christiau Saley, Town. Justice- WilJiam W. Judd, Dem. Snperintendeiit of George S. Raw80n, on both tickets. School Inspector - .Elbert Bradner, Dam. Commitsioner of Highways- -George Calhoun, Dem. Constables - Four Democrats by four majority. " I am intormed there was an effort to adjourn the first caucus, on account of thero being but few persons present, as there was a storm raging at the time, but it was overruled and the secoud caucus was the result." LIMA. The Democracy made a hard flght, electing their whole ticket except Supervisor, Superintendent of Schools, and Draiu Commissioner. The omcers elect and their nmjoritiea are : Supervisor - Nathan Pierce (R.), 17. Clerk -William Covert, 42. Treasurer- Finley B. Whitaker, tied and drew the lucky bailot. Justice - Kobert Buchanan, 1. fSuperintendeut of Schoola-Ebenezar Smith, (B.), 1School Inspector- Leonard C. Rodman, 9. Commissioner of Elighways - Leater L. Warner, 22. DrainCommissioner-Morell Goodrich (R), 1. James C. Fish, Finley B. Whitaker, Eugene Freer, Johu S. Coy. LODI. We are not auvised as to whether the Democrats had any opposition in this town or uot, but take it for granted the following officors - all Democratie - were elected, whether r no: Supervisor - Egbert P. Harper. Clerk - James Sage. Treasurer- Christian Schmid. JiMtice - Michael Staebler. Superintendent of Schools - Frank H. Sweetland School Inspector - Augustine Sage. Commissioner of Highways - John Kress. Di ;ün Commissioner - Loyal Tower. Constables - Heury Flanagan, Micliael Alber, John Jedele, William H. Clough. MANCHESTER. The Republicana having tired of going through the motions year after year without even " a smell " at an office, put no ticket in nomiuatiou. A few written votes ware pulled, but the Democratie candidates walked over the course, getting from 265 to 265 votes each. We list the officers elect : Supervisor - Horatio Burch. Clerk - Munson Goodyeir. Treasurer - Elijah G. Carr. Justice - Benjamin Gr. English. Superintendent of Schools - William G. Doty. School Inspector - Clarence W. Case. Cominissioner of Highuays- Johu L. Stevens. Drain Cominmissioner - Thomas Holmes. Constables - Harvey L. Rose, Joseph S. Vreeland, Elijah G. Carr, Thomas Holmes. NORTHFIELD. After wandeling in forbidden paths for several years Nortiifield comes out " right side up " once more, electing a olean Democratie ticket as foilowa : Supervisor- Nathau E. Sutton, 29 inaj. Clerk- Wïlham Walsh, 171 maj. (on both tickets). Tri aeurer- ,Daniel W. Barry, 22. Justiciis of the Peace-John Brokatr, Christian b Kapp, for vacancy, 61 each. Superintendent ot Schools - Eugene Gibney, 61. School Inspector - Thomas Dolan, 61. Ootnmissiouer of Highways - Michael Heary, 61. Drain Comraissioner - Richard Roacli, 60. Constables- Peter MeNattou, Jr., 59; Patriek Ferguson, 61 ; Baruey Murphy, 61 ; James McMahan, 61. PITTSFIELD. Eleuting & Democratie Supervisor last year was too muoh for this heavy Republican town, and it " flopped back " on Mouday, except that the Demócrata bagged the Treasurer. Successfut condidaes and majorities : Suparvisor- Morton F. Case, 84. Clerk- William K. Childs, 84. Treasurer- Adam Bohnett (D.), 42. Justice--Seth Sumner, 75. Superintendent of Schools - Lewis S. Anderson, 82. School Inspector - Peter Gook, 84. Commissioner oí Highways-Frederick Hutzul, 88. Draiu Gommissioner- Henry H. Preston, 86. SALEM. But one ticket was in the field and that Republican. The Democrats carne to the polls in considerable numbers but withheld their votes. But two or three " scattermg " votes relieved the moiiotony of the count. The officers eiect are : Supervisor - George S. Wheele0 Clerk - Si las Pratt. Treasurer- -Judson N. Thompson. Justice---Thomas D. Lane. Superrnteudent of Schools - O-eorge S. Wheoler. School Inspector - Stephen B. Winans. Commissioner of HighwayB - Orson Packard. Drain Commissioner - Charles Wheelock. Constables - Judson N. Thompson, David Roberts, William Sheffield, William C. Reigers. SALINE. The Democrats carne near a oomplete victory, but lost the Supervisor, - their candidate baing Henry Hammond, one of the best men ia town - and one Censtable. Majorities not furnished us : Supervisor- Wilson H. Berdan, (B ). Clerk- Chirles N. How Treasurer-John A. Klein. Justice-Aaron L. Feldkamp. Superintendent of Schools-Eugene A. Reynolds. School Inspector-George W. ft til. Commissiouer ot Highways - James Bush. Drum Uommissioner-John Grordon. Constables - Edwin W". Wallace, Frank Whiting, John Layer, Richard G-antlett, (K.) SCIO. There was a sharp contest in Scio, resulting iit the electiou of the following ticket. All Democrats except aa otherwise noted : Sujjervisor- Patrick Tuomy, 5. Clerk- Volney H. Potter, 34. Treasurer - Gideon L. Hoyt, Rep., 4. Justice- -George A. Peters, Rep. Superintendent of Schools - Archibald MeMillan, on both tickets. School Inspector - William Bass. Commissioner of Highways- William Aprill lrain Commissiouer - David Almaudinger. Constables - Charles W. Guest, James R. Joyuer, George E. Lamb, John Schueider. SHARON. This town goes over to the enemy, and with 16 more Democratie than Republican ballots in the box elects the bigger half of the Republican ticket. The officers eleet are, - being all Ropublicans unless noted : Supervisor - Jay Everett, 71. Clerk- E. Luther McGee. Treasurer- James H. Hood, 10. Justices - Charles M. Fellows, William B. Usboru for vacancy. Superintendent of Schools - Matthew J. Flynn, Dem , 24. School Inspector - Frank Hall, Dem., 15. Drain Commissioner - Albert J. Robison. ConstableB---Frederick Lehman. Henry Schulte, James Wade, Dem., Ashley Parks, jr., Dem. SYLVAN. A large vote was polled - 487 votes - and the field hotly coutested, the Democratie ticket being headed by Orrin Thatoher. The following were elected : 8upervisor---William F. Hatch, 37. Clerk- Frederiok Vogel, 15. Treasurer - William Juilson, 89. Justice - Michael J Noyes, 40. Superintendent of Schools- William E. Depew 54. School Inspector - Beuben Kempf, 40. Commissioner oi Highways - Arthur W. Chapman, 2. Drain Commissioner - Hiram Pieree, 33. Constables - Willard Minuis, Oliver Allyn, Franklin D. Cumings, James P. Hudlor. All Kepublicans excopt last two constables. YOEK. Thn whole Democratie ticket electad by majorities from 20 to 54, except Draiu Commissioner. The successful candidates are : Supervisor - Jesse Warner, 36. Clerk- William W. Kelsey, 29. Tjeasurer - Alfred Davenport, 29. Justice - Albert Hanaon, 20. Superintendent of Schools - Amos G. Mclutyre, 54. School Inspector - Horace LeBaron, 21. Commissioner of Highways - Moses J. Kelsey, 28. Drain Commissioner - Lewis Wilcox, (R.), 11. # Constables - Charles Canfleld, George Lichards, Alfred Davenport. YPSItiANTI. This jug handle sort o' towo elects the followïug officers, - we presume without oppostion : Supervisor - W. Irving Teckley. Clerk- Albert K. (Jraves. Treaaurer - Henry S. Boutell. Justice of the Peace- W. Irving Yeokley. S2hool Inspector - Newton E. rittenden. Commissiouer of Highways - Orrin B. Hinman. Drain Commissioner - Peter Dickerson. Constables - Hiram Eaton, Edward J. Oorton, William Day, Theodore Hiscock.


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