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The following transactions in real estáte have been recorded in the office of the Register ot Deeds, during the past week : James B. Oott to Chas. Treadwell, part of northwest quarter of section 12, Sharon. $1,000. Jacob F. Haug to David E. Dell, 91 acres off sections 15 and 17, Saline. $4,550. Wm. G. Snow to Calvin Auatin, lot 10 in block 4 of Hiscock's addition to Ann Arbor. $2,000. Gottfrled Grau Ifi MarthaS. Dentón, 175 acres ofl' seetious 5, 0 and 7, Fret dom. 86,000. Aaron W. Sanford to George G. Necdham, 2 acres off northeast quarter of section 22, on the Ridge road, York. $1,000. Edward F. Kellogg to Elizabeth Cheshire, lot 18 in Stuclt's additiou to Ypsilanti. $1,500. Sarah J. Robison to Chauncey Branch, lot 33 in Brown A Bach's addition to Ann Arbor. $100. David Milliman to C. S. Wells, 38 acres off the southeast quarter of section 2, Augusta. $1,300. T. Surdam to Amanda Surdam, 60 acres off sectious 17 and 18, Manchester. 81,000. Wm. Andrés to Chas. Young part of lot 4 in block 2 of J. M. Congdon's flrst addition to Chelsea. 8460. Heury Sloan to Johu Costello, 721. acres acres off section 5, Scio. $5,000. John McCormick to An.son Lewis, 160 acres off section 21, Salem. $5,31)0. Ann S. Ba"rney to Adaline A. Allen, lot 1 in block 20, Oexter. $700. Robert Francisco to Albert B. Draper, 25 acres off aoutheast quarter of section 36, Ypsilauti. $iHK. Eobert Francisco to David E. Masón, 15 acres off southeast quarter of seelion 36, Ypsilauti. 8900. Elizabeth Cheshire to Hannah Francisco, 4 acres off southwest quarter of section 10, Ypsilauti. 1,850. Gorge M. Vail to James A. Jones, lot on Forest Street, extending to Huron river, Ypsilanti. 82,000. Warren K. Uuerin to David Webb, lots 1, 2, 9 and 10 in block 5, village of Harford (in Lima). 8231.U0. Abraham Beek to Charles Scoilsteimer, 115 acres off novthwest ((narter of section 1, Lodi. 85,500. At the annual conclave of Ann Arbor Commaudeiy,No. 13, Knights Templar, on Tuesday eïeninx, the following officers were elected and instaüed: James Boyd, Eminent Commander. Cha6. H. Bichmond, Guneralisaimo. John L. Burleigh, Captain-Geueral. Wm. D. Harriman, Prelate. Fred. Sorpf, Trea8urer. Wm. A. LoTejoy, Recorder. Chas. J. Kintner, Senior Wardeu. Chas. S. Millen, Junior Warden. Michael Fleming, Stindard Bearar. Thos. Witherill, Sword Bearer. John P. Little, Warder. Bobt. J. Price, Sentinel.