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THK GAST. Wk havo details of anotlier graat dam disaster in New Eugland. At G o'clock on tho inorning of the 30th uit., the great dam at Worcestcr broke, letting Ioomo tho imprisonod waters, amouutiug in volume to 7G0.OU0.000 gallons. Wilh a iusli and roar tliat wubeaid for a groat dist&nco, the aqueons mountain rollod and spread itself out npon the valley below, CRrrytng everything Lef ore it, and inflicting a loss of millions of dollar' worth of property. Fortnnately uo live were lost. as tho inhabitants of tho valley liad boen fully warned, and had lied from tho wrath to come. An extensivo crooked wliisky ring has boen uueartbed in New.York and Brooklyn. A uumber of eoiiures of books and papere have been mado, and immodiate pnuecution of the crooked orew íb promised. TUK WEST. Tuk Cincinnati Price Curreiit's twentyannual exhibit of pork-paeking iu tho West, shows the number of hogo packed tho past wintoi to have boen 4,880,135, a falling off of 636,090 compared wilh last year. Average net weight per hog, 217.71 poundn, au increase of 7.24 pouuds, or 3.78 per cent. The total pounds of hogs show a frvlliug off of 105,083,436 net weight, or a decreaee of 9 per cent. The averaga yield of all kinds of lard per liog is 35.45 ponnds, un increase of V{ poujids. Total pouuds of lard 173,016,580 poundd, a decreaso of 17,364,027 ponnds, equivalent to 74,260 tierces, cqual to 'V-i! per cent. of the product. A St. Lottis merchant named Roheffa attomptcd to commit suicide, tho other day, by severing an artery in hia wrist ; hut not dying speedüy enough la tliat way, he hangod himselfSvilh a towel to the bed-post Edwin Booth, the greatest of living tragediaus, begins an engagement in Chicago on Monday, the ÏOth of April, aixl for four week'8 will eccnpy the Btage of MoVicker's theater, the leading place of amusement in that city, appearing in Richard I., King Lear, Much Ado Abont Nothiug, }lanilct, I.ady of Lyone, Richelieu, The Apostate. A New Way 'to Pay OM Uebts, Henry VIII., Katherinè and Petruchio, The Straiiger, (Mhcllo, and Merchant of Vonice. Paiilman and Rush, the first of the Chicago whisky conspirators placed on trial, havo been found guilty Tha Union Pacific railroad has diacovered a big fraud at Liramie City. A man named A. H. llill has been advertising through the Eaat for ' miuem for tho Black Ilills, work guarantecd for a yenr and freo p:ises." When letters wero received roplying to the a'lvortisemont, Hill sent a reply that by inclosing ilö to him he would señd tho promiaod pasa. It is believed ho haa swindled iiundreds of people. The office of the United States Express Com pany, at Akrou, O. , was robbed, a few nights ago. of a large amount of money. The robbers entered the room of tho clerk and stolo tho EOJ of the oflico from nis pautaloous pocket, and the robbery was not discoverod till uext ruorning. The ioss will amount to $25,000 or $30,000. The Uuited S'.ates grand jury at Chicago has returned au indictmcntagainstex-Cougreasmau Jaeper D. Ward for conspiracy agaiunt tho Oovrnmont in counectiou with the whisky frauds. ....A horrible triple murder waa eñacted ut Carlinville, 111., a few days ago. A man named Thomas Traey, in h fit of jealousy, nmrdered his wife and little danghter, and then took hi ■ wn life by cuttiug hó throat with a buteherknife. SOUTH. Two isold highwayinen receutly attacked a stage-coach bctween Austin and Han Marcos, Texas, and compelled tho driver to qiiit the road and drive into the woods, wliere the passeugers, eight in nnmber, were made to (ivo n thcir money and watehes. They Uien rillod tho mail-pouehes, took two of the stage-horses, cut tho telegraph wire aud left. The impeachnient of Gov. Ame3, of MissisBippi, carne to a suddou termination at Jackson the other day. A bargain was etruck nuder which the Legislature reseinded tho arücles of impeachment, aud thcreupon the Governor reeigned Lis office. The President of the Senate wat. at ouce iustalled as actiug Governör. The Demócrata, for the first time Bine e tho war, now have posseesion of the State. Two voüno men, named RobinBou and Mitchell, iu Campbell eouuty, Va., quareled about a ornan, aud agreed to settle the dispnte at ihe pistol's mouth. One round was tired. which resulted in Eobinson being shot dead, and Mitcliell receiving a bnllet in the head that will kih1 him. GENERAL. Oub noighboring Republic across the Kio Grande, notwithfjtanding her littlo domestic jare, has fouud time to gather up aud seud to Philadelphia 228 cases of lier goods and wares, to be exhibited at the Coutennial. This eollcction, wliich arrived at New York by steamer tho other day, it is said will form one of the most interestiug features of tho big Bhow. Tuk Binhops of the Methodist Episcopal ohurch of the 'United States have appointed Priday, Apiil 28, as a general day of fasting aud pi ayer for the members of that denomiuation . . . . lilair, who was kidnapped in Nebraaka and run off to England, sodio inouths ago, on what appears to havo been a tnimped-up charco of fclonioue frand, has boeu relcased by the British governmeut, and ia on his way back, breatbiDg vengettnee against the Chicago detectives who werc concerned in tlie job. Infohmatiun received by the State departmont justifioa tho conclusión that the Britinh Government haa fully decided not to snrrender Wimlow , the forgor. Uuder the British laws the criroiual will be held for a period of eixtv days from' the 21st of March, and can then d&mand to be rele&sed under a habeas corpus. If Winslow is roleased from custody, the extradition treaty bctwcfin tho two nations will undoubtedly be terminated Tho House special committee in the whisky prosecutions iu Missouri examine i Duit. Atty. Dyer at Washington, one day laat week. Mr. Dyer now seems to think tbat a'l tlie Buapicions" he frankly entertained of everybody in Washington, except ocr-ti'.ry DriBtow and Bolicitor Wüson, were pruandleRS. Tbo tentitnony takeu before the grand jury, Dyer states, was given to the defense by a juror naraed Fox, ono of the two who vcttd against iudictment, who afterward went to Washington aud gave the testimony away, fetting in eome way bis son appoiuted to an ofrice. TwENTï-'nvo buildings, valued. with their contente, at $125,000, were deatroypd by fire at Fairmount, W. Va., ono day last week. WASHINGTON. 8e eeb etorniB and floods in the New England States havo caused serious damage to inill property. At liiirrillville, Conn., a mili una maaüfftcturing property valued at over 2üO,000 wero Bwept away. Some damago is also reportol fiom New Jereev. At Cantón, Worccstir county, SEass., theMorisy Pond dam gave way. destroying mach valuable mili ):ioperty, and almost obliteratiug the njaiiafactiirmg village of Fullcrville. Fortanately, tb loss of life was not largo. It ia estimatêd that the damago to property in Now Kugland by tbo froshet will reacb il. 000, 000. Fokty minere left Scranton, Pa., the other day, for the Black Uiils. They were occompanied to the depot by a brass band aud n crowd of about 2,000 men, womeu and ehildren. Ths gold-hmiters were provided with armn, ammuuitiou and niiuing implements, and were regularly oftieered. CLAFr.i.N & Co. 's boot and shoe factory at Hopkinton, Mass., ha boen destroyed by tire. Loss, Í200,000. Tur. House Committeoon Military Affairs has agreed to offer au ameudmeut to the bill making rcductions ia the force of tho United States army, lookiug to a discoutinuanco of the rgiments of colortd troops in tho se:vice. The existing la-v próvidos forthecreatiouof colored regimciito, tbo matter being loft optional with the of War. Tho amendmont which will be offerad propones to re'eul tliis law Sclienck haa explained to the House Cornmitteo on Foreign Affairs !iis connection with tlie Emma mine. His friends express themsolves satisfled with his explauation. Ex-CuJ(üllSSMAN LUKE P. PoiJiNU 1i(;HIh the VennontRepnbiican delogation at large to the Cincinnati Convention The folloaiu? tickot was nominivtcd by the Ohio ltepublicang at tlicir recent State convention : l'or Secreturyof Ktu'c. Milton M. Barnes, of Guernsey ; Supremo Jndge. W. W. Boynton, of Loraiue ; Meuiber of the Board of Pnblic Works, James ('. Kvhus, of Delaware. A. Bohni and A. P. Perry were chosen for Presidential eloctors et large. Blaink"s iriends claim that fully two-thirds of tho Ponnsylvania delegation to Ciueiuuati aro for him ofter Hnrtranft is withdrawu. One Bell, a Government detective, told a rather extraordinary story to tho Clymer committoe, the other day. Ho tcstilied that he was eniployad bv B:ibcock to rob the Districtattorney of corlaih papers chrring the progress of the St. Louis whisky trials, and that Levi P. Lucjw-y, late private socretary to the President, was conversant ftith the scheme, as well as A. C. Bmdley, one of Balwock's counsel. Bell t&'d he guned acceee to oertarn important papers in Dyer'sofBoe, r, u i them, and reponed to Bbe ■ I i'nl liiibcoek botii deny Bell'ri 8ti y. premonnoing it a ti'sue of lies. re has jiist recovored from a té attack of pleuriay, wbich oonflued him toUÍB ned nevera) ly,,.,The Pre4ent haa nominated Öumner Iloward, Attornoy of tbo Knited States Torritory of Utah, and W. M. ' Daily, Marshal of tho United States District of ' Nebraska.. . .Tho following are tho provisions of tho bill passod by the House of ; Representative for the substitution of ] subsidiary silver coin for fractional i rency : That the Secretary of the Treasmv Ia hereby directed to issue silyer coins of t!io Uuited fitatcs of tbo denomiuation of 10, 90, 25 and 50 cents of standard valué In redornpUou of au equal amount of fractional curroncy, whotuer tho same be nosv in the treasury awaiting redemption or wliethor it may be preeonted for redemption, and the Secrttary of the Treasnry may, nnder tito regnlatious of the Treasury dopartment, provide for uuch redemption and ïHHUi' by subetitution at the regular subtreasuriea and public depositories of tho United States nntil tlio hole ainonnt of fractional currency shall he redeemed. That Bilver coina of the TJuitoJ States of the denomüiation of ono dollar ehall be legal tender ut their nominal valué for any amount uot exceoding $50 in any one payinont, and Bilver coina of thé United States of deuominations of less than ono dollar Bhftll bo a legal tender at their nominal valué for any amount not exceeding f25 in any one payment. Dist. Atty. Dyer, of St. Louia, was in Washington last week, aud corroborated, before the C'lymer committee, the testimony of the detective Bell, so far as it related to Bell's alieged interviews with him, aud his exploits in abstraeting papers and evidence beariug on tho whisky prosecutions from hw (Dyer's) ofiico. The Diwtrict-attorney said the reason he did not use Bell as a witncss in the Babcock case, was that he did not regard him as a roliablo witnesB without corroborativo evidence. In furthcr conOrniation of Bell's tcHtimony, Secretan' Chandler says he appointed Bell at the request of the President'a and afterwards dislüissod ; him on the President's motion, Gen. Grant telling him that Bell was a scoundrel. It is known that Bell did get access to Dyor's papers in St. Iouis, and that a detective or watchnian caught him in the act of replacing some. It is alHO knowu that the cipher he had was mostly in Luckey'shandwriting. Washington diapatchea state that J !i 1) will be able to substantiate many ! of tho cssential parta of his testimony by records and othtr writteu evidence, and by th eviI dence of credible mtnesdes The public dsbt utatemcut for April is as follows : 8i per cent. bonfts $ 98i,909,G"0 Five percent, bouds 71O,0a",C0O Total ooln bonda $l,G93,037,250 Lawf ü money debt $ 14,000,(11111 Matured debt 0,183,360 LeRRl tenUers 370,823,645 Ortitkate of tteposit 34,230,000 Fnctional curreucy 42,604,893 Coin certifícales 32,237,600 Total without interest 197,096,130 Total debt $2,198.21B,740 Total interest 20,455,110 Wash Cash in Treasury : Coin $73,756,704 Currency 6,955,626 Special deposite üeld for re! domption of certifioates Of deposit 34,230,000 ; Total in Treasnry $ 113,952,420 Debt les caeli ín the TreaBury $2,110,7i'.i.4-S!i t Decrcaae of debt durin Mart-ïi 4,240,866 Decreaae since June 30, 1875 17,900,286 i Bonda Isaued to tho Pacific Eailway Companics, Interest payable in lawf ui money : i Principal ovtBtandlng 64,623,512 ; Interest accrued nil not vet paid 909,352 Interest paidby the Ui JtedStatce 30,141,513 [ Interest ropaid oy Uansportation of . mails, etc 6,781,012 Balance of intorest paid by Cnited States 23,360,500 Mr. Sciilkichek, meniber of Congrsss from Toxas, recoived a diapatch from Brownsville, a íow days ago, statiug that Matanioras had been declared in a state of piego and a foi'ced loan levied upon foreign residenta, no Mexicano beiug included in the demand. It is understoocl that orders have beeu sent from Wahington f or the protection of American resident of Matamoras against the exactions and oppreesions of the Mexic-an authoritiea. The amouut of greenbacks deposite d with the Ti-easurer of the United States during the month of Marcli by National banks desiring to withdr&w their circulation and realizo upon tbeir bonds amountcd to $5,304.000. Treaaurer New estímate;; tbat the coutraction of the currenoy oowing the remaiuing nino months of the year from thie cause at $1,000,000. WaHhiogton dispatchea state that "President Grant is in tinancial embarraément on account of unfortunate real estáte transactions. Recently he sold the bulk of his real esteta in Washington. Ili last act has been to order the sale of Lis Long Branch and St. Louis property. He does this, bis friends eay, beeause he is resolved to cloar off all of his indebtedness, and this in the only way posaible for him to do so. FOLJTICAI,. Eepublican State conventïons were held in Pennsylvania, Obio and Vermont on the 29th uit. In the first-named Stato tho delegates to the National convention vete instructed for Guv. lliirlranft, Ohio declared for Gov. Hayes, while the Vermont delegation goes to Ciucinnati uubampored. though they are understood to have a strong leaniug toward Blaine and BriHtow. The Pennsylvania platform is silent on the financial queatiou, and calis for a higher tariff. The Ohio resolutions favor "a tariff for revenue, with incidental protection to American industry, recogmze gold as tho truu standard of values, and the only steady and safe basis for a circulating medium, and declare that the policy of nuance should steadily pursued which, without unnecesaary injury to business or trade, vnll ultimately eqtializo'the valuo of .the coin and c paper 'dollar." Tho Vermont platform calla for a speedy return to upecie paymeuta. It is said Secretary Bristow has a groat gun in reserve which he proposes shortly to lire, in the shape of terribly damaging exposure of corruption in tho New York Custom House. FOKK1GK. Advices received iu London from India report that the eteamship Jowad, from Shehr, was wrecked in the Arabian eea. Sho had aboard 500 pilgrims. chiefly Poreiaus, whowere bound to Bashire Thrce men, sappoaed tobe the only nurvivors, havo reachcd Hodeida Fivo persons were recently killed ontright, and nine badly iujured, by tlie explosión ot a locomotive lioiler at Glasgow, cotland Tho effort to bring aboul a peaca treaty betwoen Torkey and the inaurgent provinces has proved a failure. A London dispateh says the capital required for testing the practicability of the Euglish channol tunnel is boing rapidly subscribed The irencherouB Abyssiuians having broken trado with the Egyptiaiuï, have received auother severe defeat. Tue plague has reached Bagdad on its westward march, and tho Egyptian Banitaiy authorities are enforcing strict quarantino upon all traftic from the Peraian gulf. hoping thus to escapo tlo simultaneous viwtation of pestilenco and financia] ruin, the latter of which secms now inevitable. A Bii.uAiu) match botwoen Maurice Vigneaux, of Toulotme, France, und William Sexton, of New ïork, wa played at Paris on the Sist uit. The routost wan for the championship of tho world, the centennial tilver cup, and il,000asido, C00 pniuta up, three balls. The match was won by Vigneaux, tho present cliampion, who made 600 points to 45!) eeored by Sexton. 'j'be atter mado a run of 129, the largci't during tho game. Enoiand, too, is suftoring from the prevailiug stagnation of trade. Beveral of tho largcat irou milis in Hheflield just closed their loors, and tlie employee iu somo of the othera have accepted a conaiderable rcduction in lien of a look-out. Auvices from Brownsville, Texas, chroniole the capturo of Matamoras by lite Moxican revolutionst after a eiege of several days. The Burrondcr of the town was hastened by the treachery of a portiou cf tho Government forces. Ü) p the jmlKinratn of tho Alábanla Claims Coiuf misfiion....A repoluliou was adopted fixing the . compennation of witnessefl summoned to appear be' foro the committopa of the Houpe at $3 per day, and i illmvinjï flve cents per mile for mlleagc The ] House considered, wiihmtt. uetion, iho bill to regu" Jato the pay of firniy omcer?, the bill f.r the issue ] of silvL-r coin nstcad or franliniial currency, and ] tlie Gcnenvl AppropMation bill, TuunsrVr, Itarch So.- Bínate.- Tho Rcnate j discusscd, dtiring llio mnrning hour, the bill . ing Biiver coin a legal tender to the amount of $5, without reachiug a vote, after wbich Morton 'u Mi kBlwippl rcBohitioiis cngro&sed the atiention of the grave and reverend Senators. Thrre was a heatcd debate between Uayard and BontWOU, but DO a,tion was taken on the resoluticnB. Hout,- A bill was pftsscd diroctlng naval ! hintcs to l)e made in detail, under various heads of : expenditure. . . . Faulkner, f rom the Committec on Foroign AfTairs, roported a bill to carry into . tloll the provisionB of the foxtrteenth aim ïidlm ut to tho Oonstitution, concerning citizennhip, and to define certain rights of United Statu aftumi in fofelgn cottntries Campbell (111.) iutrodn 1 ; bill for a commisBion to investígate the Bubiccl of wages and honrs of labor, and of the división oí tho joint profits of laber and capital between the i borer and capltalint, and tile social, edúcational, and panitary condition of the laboi ing classes of the United States The impeachment articles againsi ex-8ecretary Belfennp were preaented in the 1 ' by the Jndiciary Committ4f. Tbey' are flve in uumber, as follows: The flrst charges Belknap with receiving moncy corruptly while in oftlco. Tho pecond charges bribery aa drflned by statute. The third charges thu payment of money to lielliiiap for continuing corrupt persons inoillcc. 'JImfonrth charges him with receiving gifts while in ofllce to influence him comiptly. The hftii chargeB Be!knap with taking money oorrnptly for tin i himself and others. Thecdmmltteealsoreportod the following resolution: Ileolveilt Thaf seven managers appoinkd by ballot to condtict tlie Imptachmeut eshiblted ngRlust Willium w. Belknap, late Seerctary of War of thi t'uited States. The report was inado the special order or Saturdav, April 1. FitiDAY, March 31.- Señale.- The Senato was engaged near.y all day in debating Morton's rcsolutions directing an investigation into tho recent election in Mississippi. The queBtion was llnally diüposed of by the adoption of a substitute offerud by Christiancy- yefts, 20; nayn, 19. Umtse. - Cor presentad a memorial signrd by women of the United States, asklng that wotnen 1,-. gmnkd -tho right of sufirage ia the District of Columbia A bill to define the i tax on fermented and malt liquors was reportcd by Morrison, from the Waya and MrauB Committeo and passed A bill was pasa ed to authorizc the tïonimissioncr of Internal lïevenuo to desígnate and fix points at which the collectors and supervisors of revenne shall hold tlicir office The House pasaed, by a voto of 122 u VU), tho bill for the substitution of ivcr coin for fractiunal curreucy. Satürday, April 1.- Smale.- Not ih aessiofi. House.- Tho procecdlngs in the House, as usual on Saturdays, were dnll and uninteresting. A large sharo of tiie day was devoted to the consideratlon of the bill for the regnlation of pteam vcssels, and a monotonous diPciiBsiou abont f og-horus, steam cock-valvcs, llRhts, larboard and Marboard courses, etc The bill was laid over till Baturday, fcth.... liobinson offci'ed ai'esolation recitiug that Horace Boyuton, Clerk of Oio House C'ommitteo on Military Affairs, had been gullty of corrupt and base practices while au offleer of tho Interna! Reveuuo Bureau in Texas, and directing tho committee to investígate the facta. Adopied. Mondaï, April 3.- Senate.- Various petitions were preaented remonetrating agalnst auy chango in tho praseut tarifl'....Kdmund8 introduced a bill to créate a sinking f und for the liquidation of the Oovernmcrit bouda advanced to the Central and Western and Paoiflc Railroad Companies. . . . .Morton introduced a bill to amend the second, fourth and fifth sections of the Enf orcement act The bill to amend the Bankrupt act was passod Threo hours were spent in executive aeoviou on the case of lt. H. Dana, Jr„ without reaching a voto While tho Senate was in executive sesvion tho Clerk of the llouse appeared and announced that tho Houee had adopted articles of impeachment auaiust Bclkuap. Hoxiee.- Dn motion of Knott, the impeachment articlesagainst liclknap wero taken up and uniuiimouply adopted. Lord, Knott, Lynde, McMahon, Jcnks, Hoar and Lapbam were appointcd managers on the i-art of tho Houec. . ..Bills were introduced by Hewitt and Farwell to provide for tho renumptiun of specie payinent ; By Morr:eon, to amend tho existiría law relating to the dutieB on imports; by Wolls (Ho.), to amend tho rovenue laws ; by (Jli'vcr, incorporating the Sioux City, Vlack Hills and Paciiic Railroad Compauy Blacklmru offared a reeolution requesting the President to iofonn the House whether, sincc the 4th of March, 1869, u Dxecutive office, act, or duties, and if so, what, havo boen perfornird at a distance f rom the soat of Government éstablished by law, and for how long at any one time, and in what part of tho Bdlted State, and lso whother auy public ueecssity existid tlicrofor. Adoptid Lynde offtred a ïtïBOlntion oalliug on the Secrctory of tho Treaéury for informationin regard to the paymeut of money to newKpapcr edite rs and correspondents in conue tion with the wbioky prosociKiouB Cllover offered a resolution reciting that Killiourn, the rocunaut real estáte paol witnePB. was leing fed in a sumptuoue and extravagaüt manner, and directing that he be allowed only the regular prison fare. The House refused to suspend the roles and adopt the resolution.


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