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Grantism Indorsed

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In Vermont a repudiated salary-grabber, a lobbyist in the interest of Jay Cooke and Jayne's partner Sandborn, a eulogist of Grant and Grantism and a wild protectionist, turned the party crank. The sterile soil of the Green Mountain State, where corn is plantee with a crowbar and the sheep are hele up by the bind legs to obtain infrequen pasturage on the prevalent bowlders produces a sort of Republicanism which is rough and tough, if not devilish sly. Therefore it is not surprising that bowls of raptnre should have greeted Mr. Taft's declaration that he was for Grantism, or that the croaking Morrill's bellow for revenge shoald havo been regarded as dulcetmusie. There, however, is the record ; and whether the assumption is correct that the members of the party are too ignorant to discover the cheat or too bigoted to denounce it, they muet stand convicted of approving the the ts and scandals of the Grant maladministration and desiring their continuance. In Pennsylvania, too, those pure and disinterested patrióte, Cameron and Mackey, turned the crank and the puppets danced to the same tune. Tho Demócrata are charged with all they have never thought of doing, and whatever they have, despite Kepublican opposition, accoinpli&hed, is placed to the credit of the party of Grant, Belknap and Bobeson. Again Grantism is approved and a desire for ite continuance expressed. Mr. Oamerou bas had his delegation neatly papered and corded so that he can deliver it at will to the highest bidder at Oincinnati, and it is not for Mr. Blaine that Mr. Hartranft is to keep the bed warm. In Ohio, also, the administration is eulogized because of its sins and shortcomings, and the bloody shirt is fiül high advanced, not one drop of gore orased, not one rent repaired. There, too, there hath been a great slaughter of Presidentiaï people, and her favorite son Hayes is dcad and the sham of Shernian is made a - shall we say gonfalón ? - whüe Sherman himself is left lamenting.


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