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How The Republican Machine Is Run

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The whisky trials iii St Louiíi estabished under oath what had long been tnown in political circles, that the rlag br plundering the internal revenue was organized in the interest of tho Bepubican party, and that au enormous sum of moncy was raised to aid Grant's second election in 1872. The origin of the mge frauda which have astonnded the country was therefore partisan, and they wore extended and protected nnder the 'ooting thus obtained, at the Whito House, with the administration, and with Senators and Bepresentatives who were sent to Congress by money stolen from tho treasury. The secret of tho strength of this whisky ring is no longer hielden. But it was only one of various similar agencies that were used to keep the party in power. The Indian ring, the navy ring, the railroad ring, the War department ring, the bond ring, the Washington ring, the postoffice ring, the land ring, and other larcenous conibinations, were formed on the same basis, and were conducted on the same general plan. They were all regularly assessed for the party, through stationary committees at Washington, managed by members of Congress and the Washington Poststaater. One ring upheld the other when attacked, and their united power was iuvinciblo against all attempts at reform in any department, untii Mr. Bristow had the courage and the honesty to confront and destroy the whisky thieve. And they would flnally have overthrown him too but for the Belknap explosión, which came aiter the Prosident had determined to deuiánd his reBignation. With this levorage tlie Bepublicans have been able, except in times of revolution like 1874, when everything was swept away, to maintain their hold on close, small, and doubtful States. Money turued tho scale. Voters were flrst demoralized by a corrupting policy, and then bought like sheep at the shambles. New Hampshire has been repeatedly carried in this way, to the scandal of mi old-fashioned New En gland community. North Carolina was defrauded of her vote in 1872 by pur chase ; and Pennsylvania counted in her Goyernor the samo year by a similai method, which was liardly disguisod. This system of forced contributions was extended to every form of patronage, so that the political fnnd raised must have aggregated an enormous snoi. From the ring eilief to the common sutler and the poor widow clerk, the inexorable rule was applied of subscription or removal from office. The testimony of C. K. Peck, a few days ago, one of the post traders who had paid Babeock a share of his profits, was interesting on this point: " The firm of Durf ee & Peck havo contribnted money lor political purpoBes - the last Presidencial electiou we paid $6,000 to t8,000. We eont it to Washington to the Socretary of the National Executive Commitiee (J. M. EdrauiulH, Postmaater). Each post we field was assessed at a specific aniount hy a circular senl vs from Was'ánglon. The lirm also contribñted for the Preaidential election in 1868, but I have forgotten the amouut." Another witness, J. J. Fisher, testified: " Tho firm of Evana &, Co., at Fort Si) 1, have, I tliink, oontribnted money for political purpoeB. Evans paid the money. A circular was DHucd luMHCHHing tiH, and we thought it best to pay it. The circular carne from Washington city." Other post-traders ou a small scale, who could not afford to buy their ilaces, wei'e taxed for elections regularly. In f act, a perfect system of assessmentswas established at Washington, with the help of tbe President and the heads of departments, by which every officeholder, every ring, every trader, and every man in the receipt of patronage, was forced to contribute a flxod sum, regulated by his salary or his proflts. This machine was directed by the Posfcmastor of Washington, with the knowledge and approval of the adminisU'ation. Otherwise, it conld not have run a day, for the civil service rules expressly forbid auy such practico with the severest penalties. The disclosures thus far made ouly break the shell of this iniquitous system, by which elections have been controlled through money thus procured and legislation shaped to promoto


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