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The Alpha And Omega Of It

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An exchange furnishes the following alphabet of the administration for the instructioii of the new Secretary of War, whoae eAication has just bcgun : A is for Avcry, cafe in hls prison. B is for Babcock, who should bo in uis'u. C is for Colfax, Mobilicr's head man. ] is for Dftlano, who Hwiiulled the rad man. V. is for Emilia, on Knglaml onloftdod F iö Fort Sill, that poor lïolknap exploded. C Is for Graut, who ÍB partinl to knavcs. H ia for Harrington, expert ín safes. I is for Ingalls, and Mrs. G. 's watch, J is for Joyce, who a uice thing did botch. K in for Ku-klux and bloody-shirt Morton. L was the Laudan et for Williams to sport on. M ia for Marah, who to procews ifi non ent. N is for No oue bnt Bristow that'w honeat. O is for Orville, the go-bctween brother. 1 is for Fierrepont, convictions to smothur. Q is tho Queetions that no one must ax. II the Responsos that keep out the fax. S is for Shephcrd, his ringiten and panders. T are the Tax-payer, whone mouey hesquanderti. : in Ulysse, that stftndfl by these friends. V is the Villálniea that he defends. Ware WltnesB, htmtÖwlth vi'icnco. X the 'Xamination which ho munt silcji'i-. Y in the Yell from the Nation that riugs. Z is tho Zoal for a new fltate ol things.


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