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To Get Rid Of Household Pests

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Charles Thompson writes to the Scieni-fie American that he has not seen a )ed-bug or flea in bis house for many reara, aul adds : If an army of thein veré brought in mercury would speedily xterminate theni ; but I think cleanliíesa i the best and perhaps the only reventive. The common bouse-fly I [o not moleet, believing it more tlian compensatrs íor its trouble by clearing he atmosphere of efflnvia and the aninalcules which nlways arise from the jutrefaction of decaying snbstances durng the warm weather. So also with the bircls, wbich are quite numerous here, during tho ummer. Instead of shootng them or setting up scarecrows to righton them away, I throw out every jossible inducement for them to build their nests m my fniit trees. The birds capture a large aliare of the insecto in the larval state, and tiras the millers are prevented from depositing eggs for a future erop of worms. As to the loss of fruit by the birds, the latter are always sure to by on hand in force in the season of ripe fruit, whether they come early enough to take tho Tvorms or not. For the residue of inaects whioh infest my vegetable garden I flnd that tiie laboratory of the chemist furnishes materials fatal to them all, among which white hellebsre and cayenne pepper are of the most utility. The bug or worm which cannot find vegetation untíavored with these articles will seeK it breakfast elsewhere, and leave my garden unmolested. A few drops of carbolic acid in a pint of water will clean house plant from lice in a very short time. If mosqtlitoes or other blood-suckers infest onr sleeping rooms at nigtt, we uncork a bottle of oil of royal, and these insects lejvve in great haste, nor will they return so long as the air in the room is loaded with tho fumes of that aromatic herb. If rats enter the cellar, a Jittle powdered potash thrown into their holes, or mixed with moal and scattered in their run-ways, never fails to drive them away. Cayenne pepper will keep the buttery and storeroom free from ante and cockroaches If a mouse makes an entrance into any part of your dwelling, satúrate a rag with cayenne in solution and stuff it into a hole which cannot be repaired with either wood or mortar. No rat or mouso will eat that rag for the purpose of opening communication with a depot of suppliea.


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