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Letter From A Black Hills Miner

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Win. O. Baldwln, who accompanied the Jeuney expedition to the Black Hilla as an expert miuer last season, and I 6equently retnrned, has written the following letter from the Hills to Dr. Gillycnddy, of Washington City: Dear Sik : I returned to tbo Ilills last December in company with ten othera. Aa near as I could learn there wore not forty men liere at that time. It ia safe to estímate 3,00n men at this date scattered over tlie Hills. At the junctioii of Newton's fork and Spring creck, Juíge Hollín, in company with a few others, tarted wbat ia known as HUI City, for winter quarterfl and proteetion Bhould it bo needed. Tliere are now 130 honras in procesa of conscruction and eigt ty-fivo occupiod. Beany & Boughton, of Cheyenne, havo a thirtyfive horue power saw-mill ninning in tho town. While digging the well to snpply the mili with water thev struck a bed which yielded eeventy centd to the pan, nhich created the nutial eicitemont. We havo had but Httle anow at this poiut, at no time exceediug five inches on the groond. The Slontana Company located ou ' ' Standoff Bar," on claims twenty and twenty-flve above discovery on Spring ereek, and have been working throiigh a pay-streak of sixteen f eet on the bar. The pay is in tlio bed-rock, averaging over one ounce to the hand per day, with tlie ground frozon so that they have had to waah in hot water. Others have done equally weJl. I have satiafied myself aa to the richnees of Ihis country. Frank George, a ' ' tender-foot " that herded stock for Col. Dodge last summer, took ont of Bear creek one pan containing $34 - one nngget alone being worth S28. Torn Mallory, one of Prof. Jenney's tried and trne, took out il in one pa)i on iron creek. Deadwoofl and Whitewood crotks average from twelve cents to tl a pau, and still. Doctor, we are uot happv. Tirere are now four saw-mills ranning in the Hille, cutting out lumber as good as can be got in the Chicago market. The Iadiaus have commenced their raids on us. Several men havo been üred at hen out on the foot-hills, and two aro missing. Quito a number of horses have been stolen and crippled. Unless these red devile are oiioful. some one will get hurt. Wm. O. Bai.dwin.


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