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A Contrary Mule

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A farmer in this county (says a North Carolina paper) has a muie so awfully contrary that he can do nothing witb it. Put him iii harness, aria it 3 hard to say which way he will travel. Put a saddle on him, and ho appears to doze, but to try to monnt him, and ho will all of a sudden begin to kick every way - straight out, straddle-bug, with all fonr legs at once. As to eating, ho will eat anything, f rom his feed-trough up to a wooden saddle. The owner took a not tion to have hiin shod, but he kieked onthe blacksmith Rhop and returned home. The owner tried to kill him, some time back, so he tied liis ears with a trace chíii n and rode him for six consecutive days and nights as hard as he could under whip and spur. The fact is, tliat he nearly killed himself in the effort, and had to be carried up-stairs to bed, aud his firm belief was that the mulo would die that night; but, to his astonishment, the nest ïnorning he found that the mule had kieked to death a Choster sow weighing 300 pounds, bit a pieoe out of his horse's shoulder, ate up a saddle, blanket and bridle, tore down the fence, and was splurging about, more devilish than ever, to find somethiug else meaner to do. Mr. Emjs, of Amador city, Cal., whilO riding from that towa to Sutter creek, was waylaid by three masked men, who ordered him to halt, but his horse, a high-spirited animal, took fright at the appearance of the men and ran away in spifce of Mr. EUis' attempts to stop him, though he pulled hard in the fcar that he might bo fired on. He now blesses his horse's obstinacy, for it saved $30 which he had in his pockets.


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