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T'ae following orders have been made in the FroDate Court aince our last report : Estáte of David Ruaaell, deceased; ordar tor hearing final account of administrator ; day of hearing April 27. EataU of James Vanderbilt, deceased; license granted to sell real eatate ; to be sold May 18. Estáte of Elizabeth Kichards, deceased ; petition for appointment of administrator ; day of hearing May 1. Estáte of Hannah Smith, deceased ; petition for appointment of administi ator, day of hearing May 1. Estáte of Derendingers, minors ; order for haaring account of guardián ; day of hearing April 28. Estáte of George Walker, deceased ; notioe to creditors published; claim to be heard July 3 and Oct. 4, by Thos. Birkett and A. A. Buokalewr, commiasioners. Estáte of Louis B Buchoz, deceased ; petition for licesse to sell real estáte ; day of hearing May 9. Estáte of Frederick A. Spaulding, deoeased ; order for hearing account of executors ; aay of haaring May 2. Estáte of Harrison Savage, deceased ; petition for license to sell real estata ; day of hearing May 16. Estáte oí Charlotte A. Willets, deceased ; petitio for probate oí will ; day of hearing May 8. Estata of Nelson B. Cole, deceased ; petition for appointment of administrator ; day of hearing May la. Estáte of Joseph Shaw, deceased; petition for probate of will ; day of hearing May 8. Estáte of Sophia Green, deceased ; order for hearing final account ot administrator ; day of hearing May 10. Estáte of John Gerner, deceased; petition for appointment of administrator ; day of hearing May 8. Estáte of Ephraim Simmons, deceased ; order for hearing final account of executor ; day of hearing May 11. Estáte of Jacob Bauer, deceased ; petition for appointment of administrator; day of hearing May 8. Estáte of Horace Bosier, deceased ; petition for appointment of administrator ; day of hearing May 8. Estáte of Harriet W. Larzelere, deceased ; will admitted to probate. Estáte of Hattie Bell Barr, minor ; Franklin Crittenden appointed guardián. Estáte of George Walker, deceased; will admitted to probate, and Ethel M. Walker and Geo. C. Page appoited administrators with the will annexed. Estáte of Elias Westfall, deceased ; will admitted to probate. Estáte of Christian Grossman, deceased; John (J. Sehmid appointed administrator de bonis non with the will annexed. Estáte of William P. Morgan, deceased ; Aurora Morgan appointed administratrix. Estáte of B. Elizabeth Bawson, deoeased; will admitted to probate. Estáte of Jacob Cole, deceased; final account of executors heard and allowed. Fibb Depabtment.- The annual meeting of the fire department, for the election of officers for the ensuing year, was held ou Saturday ereninjj last, and the following were chosen : Chief Engineer- E. F. Sanford. First Assistant - Moses Sea bolt. Seoond Assistaut- Nelson P. HiU. Secretary - Chas. H. Manly. Treasurer- Charles H. Worden. Steward - James Atkinson. The following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That in the appointment of Fire Wardens, the officers of the fire department are requested to recoinmend tor appointment citizens outaide of the member of tha ttre department. The object of the abare resolution i to retáis all the niembers of the departmant as ti romen. The following persons hare been designated for Fire Wardens of the several wards : First Ward- P. B. Ingalls, J. G. Leiand. Second Ward- J. W. Haugsterfer, W. Herz. Thü'd Ward--P. M. Campbeh, A. A. Gregory. Fourth Ward- D. R. Kelly, E. Terhune. Firth Ward- E. Lesuer, J. Covert. Sixtu Ward - W. D. Smith, E. B. Gidley. - Protaotion Engine Company elected the following officers, for the ensuing year, on Thursday ovenmg of last week : Foreman, Fred. Sorg ; lst Assistant, Gilbert Mclntyre ; 2d Assistant, Michael Clark; 3d Assistant, Jahn ü'Brien ; Seoretary, C. P. Cary ; Tresuurer, Chas. H. Worden ; Steward, Jas. Atkinson ; Warden, N. P. HiU, E. W. Siwl!, A. D. Seylar, Wm. Kennedy ; Captain ot Hose, C. Millman. Il M II We are not much giren to rolunteering advice to our cotemporaries, conceding to them th right (we claim for ourselves) of manag ing their own columns. But wa wish to say to the Regents that lts insinuations against or attacks upon Regent Climie are ill-timed, unjust, and not oalculated to do the cause it espouses any good. Regent Climie, like any other man, has a right to borrow money : the baing under the necessity of borrowing is a misfortiine and mo indication of a crime. If tha figures in his report are wrong, go for them, and let his financial matters alona, unless there ia mora to base a charge of corruption on thau a loan legitimately made and legitimately seoured. And tha same hint may not Doislit the Courier, which holdt soma thunder-bolts oyer the head of Regent licGowan, because ha too, has borrowed money in this city, - at the Sarings Bank. The Univerity cannot but suffer from this kind of warfare upon the officials having its interests in charge. We hare the firat number of the Fliut Journal, published by FeUowe & Beardsley. It is a 32 column column folio, presenta a fine typographical appearance, matea a good show of adrertising patronage, and promisas to do good ioi vice to tha Democratie cause. Succass to it. CapitAl Inrested In New York Hotels. People who visit New York quite frequently, hare, uo doubt, beau ïmpressed by the immettsa outlay of capital inveated m the tintclass hotels otthis city. One hotel alone, the Grand Central, cot in the naighborhood of 12,000,000) two millians of dollars, and two yean of incstsant labor to erect it. Thu winter another largo sum ha been expended in refitting, rafuinishing, and adding to what wa rich and elegant before. The axquisite fresco work, that epecially beautifies ita halls, parlor, diuing rooms, axchanges, etc. would fitly adorn the grandest palace that was erer erected. The Grand Central is growing famaus for its tabla, and justified by it auparior size and ampie accommodations, has fixed its rata fro 13.00 to $4.00 per day, a liberal