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The Closing Scene

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[The following is pronounced by the Weatminnter [teviar to Le unqueütionahl)' the ünest ArnericaD pooj) ever written:] Within the sober realm of leaflesB trees. The russet year inhaled the clrcamy air; IJke ome tanned reapcr, in bis bour of oase, When all the flelds are lying brovm and bare Thj gray barns looking frem their hazy hills, O'er the dun water widenin iu the, vales, Sent down the air a greeting to the milis, On the dull thunder of altérnate flailB. All sights were mellowcd and all sounds subdued The scemed farther an d streams pang low, As in dreaiu the distant woodman hewed Hia winter log with many a inuffled blow. The enibalmed foresta, erewhile armed with gold, The bauner brigbt with every niartial hue, Now stooi like soine sad, beaten host of old, Withdrawn afar in time 's remotest blue. On somber wings the yulture tried his flight ; The dove scarce heard his stghing mute's coniplaiut; And like a star slow drownlng in the light, The vülage church vane seelued to palé ana faiht. The Beutinel eock up in the hillsiac crew - Crew thrice- and all was stiller than before ; Silent, till Fome replyillg warden blew His alien horu, and theu was heard no more. Where etst the jay, wilhin the elin's tsll crest. Made garrulous troublo roimo her unneöged youtg. And wheu the oriole swnng her swaymg nest, By every light wind like censer swung. Wlere sang the noisy martius of the eaves, The buay swallows circling ever n(?ar - Foreboding, as the rnstic mind belicves, An early harvest and a plenteous year. Where every bird that waked the vernal fenst Shook the' sweet shiinber from its wings at niorn, To warn the rt-aper of the rosy east - And now was sunless, empty and forlorn. Alone, from out the stubble, piped the tjuail, And croaked the crow through all the dteary gloom; Alone the pheasaut, drumïnlng in the vate, Made echo iu the dlstance to the cottage loom. Thefe wss no bud, no blooiu upon the bower, No spiders moved their thin shrouds night by I night. The thistlo down, the only ghost of flowers, Sailed slowly by- passert noiselessly out of sight. Amid all this, in this most dreary air, And wkere the woodbine eheds upou the porch ■ It crimson leaves, as f the ycar Btood there, Firing the moor with its inverted torch. Amid all this, the eenter of the, scène, The white-baired matron with nionotouous tread, Plied the swift wheel, and with hfr .loyous mien Sat like f ate, and watched Ulo üyiag thl'e&d. She had known sorrow. He had walked with her, Oft Biipped and broke wiih her the ashen erast, And in tlie dead leaves still heard the Btir Of hiB tliiek mantle trailing in the duat. "While yet her chcek was bright with cnïnmer bloom Her counti-y summoned, and she gave all ; And twice was bowed to lier bis sable ptume- liegave the eword to rust upon the wall. Regavc the sword, bnt not the hand that drew ■And Btruek for liberty the dj ing blow, Kor him who, to his sire the country true, Feil 'mid the ranks of the invading foe. I Lonff. bnt not loud, the éroning wheel went on, Like the low niurmur of a hive at noon ; Long, but not loud, the lnemory of the golie Breathed through her lipB a sad and tremnlous tone. At last the thread "vas snapped, her head A,vas bowed ; Life dropped the dietaff thröugh her handB serene ; And loving neighbors Biuooth her carcfu] Phroud, Whlle dcath and winter closed fh'c autumu scène.


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