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Miscellany: "was It Providence?"

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'Take, forcxnmple, n young gul bred dciicaicly in town, and sluit lip in anurse ry in l)cr chiltlhood - in n board'mg-schooi through lier youl - ncvcr nccustornod to air or cxcrciso, two thingathal the law of God makos esscnlial to health. Shc marlies ; lier strcngih is inr.dcquato to the dcmands npon it. Her beauty fades carly. Shc langu shoá through her hard oflicoa of giving birth (o childrcn, sückltag, and watching over them, and di;s oarly. - What a strnngc Providencc, bal a mother should bo taken in the rnidst of Ijfo fröm herd'ildren !' Was it Trovidcnco? No ! Pioridencc lind asSJghed hor thrrescoro yoars and ten ; n uirrft long onough to rcarher cliüdren and to poo Ihm -ciiilJrcu's cliildren ; hut she lid not oboy the hws on vc lito dopörtds'i und ofcourse slin lost il. " A father, too, is cut of}' in tho nidsl of liis days. Ho is o. usoful and dihtinguish(:d einzen, and eminent in his prefossion. A general buz rises on evory si de : VV.hnt n Provklencc!' man hasboon n the habit of studying half ihc niglit ; of passing his days n lijs office or in the courts; of cating luxurious dinnois, nnd drittlcfnè various kinds of wino. lie has evory fliiy violatod iho lnws on whicli health depends. Did Prpvjdcncó etit him elf? Tho evil rarely ends hrre. The diseases of the 'fathcr aro ofien n ansmittctl ; nnd a fccble inother rarely leavcs behitul her vigorous children. "It has boon customary in somo of our . ei lief j fov young ladies lo walk in lliiii sboos nnd dolicato stockings in mid-wintef. A hcalthy, blooming yotmggirl tlius dresscd in yiolalioii of ilcaven's laws, puvs the penalty: acÜeckéd circula'ion, colds, fevor, and dcatli. ' What a sad Providcncc ! , cxclaimod her frièrids. Was il Providencc, orherown (olly? A bcauiiful young bridogoes niglit o fier n ; r í 1 1 1 to parties, maÖö ti hynqrof her maniago. Shc Kas u sügluy soro throat ; pcrliaps tlio woothcr is n clcmetit ; hut shó must go with hor neck nnd nrms bare ; for who ever saw a bride in a close ■ evening dt.&sa? Slie is conse(ucntlvieizcd willi an iriflammution of ihe luiigsj and tho gravo reeoíves hor beforo )er bridal days are over. ' Wlmt a Providenco !' cxclaims ihc world. Cut oïï in ilicmidst of hanpines.-í and hope!' Alns, did she not cut tho thread of life herself ? ' A grl in ll;o country, exposed to our changeful climalc, gets a ncw bonnet instt;ad of getting 'ft flannel garment. A rheumnttsm s the cbiisóquenco, Should the girl sit down t.rnnquilly wiih iho idea tha: Providonce has sent tho rheumatism upon lier, or should sho charge it on her vanitv, and avoid the fo'ly in future 1 Look,my voung frionda, al iho inass of disensos that are ncurred by intcni])eranco in eating and in drinking, in study or in businoss ; by neglect of exorcise, cleanliuess, and pure ir; by inóiscreet dressing, tighf-lacing, &c. ; and all is quietly imputed to Providonce ! U thorc not impicty as weli as ignorance in this? Wcro the physical laws slrictly observcd, from generalion to genoration, thero would be an ond to the frighlful diseases that cutlife short, and of tho long list of maladiés that makc life a torment or a trial. It is the opinión of of thoso who best undorstand the physical system, that this wonderful machine, the body, this 'goodly temple,' would gradual, ly decay, and men would die as if falling asleep."