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A Trying Scene

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The New Castle people gome time ago ■ got a new steam fire eugine, the flrst they ever had, and of course the entire population of tho village turned out to witness the trial of the machine. Mr. Bob Parker secured the post of honor as holder of the servioe-pipe, and he was mighty proud of it. The engine was down at the wharf gettingready to pump water from the river, and Parker stood ! almost 400 yards off, at the end of a line of hose, waiting for the stream to come, so that he could sqnirt it over tke eourthouse steeple. There was a groat deal of dclay while the men wero tixing. the engine, and Parker incautiously held the muzzle of the pipe toward his waistcoat while ho cliscussed the question of a third term for Grant with Eev. Dr. Hopkins. At the most interestmg moment of tho debate the engine suddenly began I to work, and the next instant a two-inoh stream struck Parker in the stoniach with terrific f orce and rolled him over in the gntter. He feit as if the gulf stream had been shot through him from front to back. Thon the pipe gave a couple of eccentric jerks, smashed Dr. Hopkius' Ii at into black silk chaos, and emptied a hogshead of water into his opeiL mouth. It concludcd the exercises by getting into such a position that it could pliiy 1,000,000 gallons a minute up the left trowsers leg of the prostrate Mr. Parker. Parker seemed to lose all interest in the capacity of that eiigino. He went home for his Sunday clothes, and he bas since intimated to his confidential friends that if Grant flhould I spend the whole of his third term squirting a Btream 50,000 feet high with that diaboiical ñre-extiuguisher, he, Parker, would not go round the corner to witposs the spectacle. - Philadelphia Bulletin. At the Exeter (Eng. ) Assizes a school! master named Starbridge has been seutonced to five years' penal servitude for brutally flogging a youth who failed to complete his exercise in arithmetic. In consequonco of tho punishment iutlicted the boy has lost th sight of one eye,


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