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Revolution In European Turkey

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The news f rom European Turkey looks more like a general uprising of the Christian provincos against Mohammedan rule. Already the Govemor of Bosnia is said to have advised the proclamation of a holy war against the Mohammedans. Such a suggestion, in spite of every effort to suppress it, will spread like wildfire throughout all the provincies, and will excite men to aotion who could not be roached in any other way. Herzegovina has already the active sympathy of those provinces which once suifered the same wroiigs and attained quasi independence by revolt, as well as those that themselves need the relief for which Herzegovina is now etruggïing. Ever since the insurrection shaped itself , Herzegoviníi has had the moral support, and such surreptitious aid as could be given, from the adjoinmg provinces of Oroatia, Montenegro, Bonnia and Servia. But now there are advices, which seem to be authoritative, that Bosnia and Servia will furnish tioops, and really joininthe revolution, i f Austria -will hold her hands off. This ia the direct result of the couragemeht that the provinces have ceived of late fröm BüsSia, eonveyed I through the inspired utteranc'eS of tile Russiah newspapers, the purport of which is that Bussia will guarantee that there shall be no interference in the j fort of the' provinces for their owu independencr. If this assurance has been made in good faith, it may be reasonably expected that the revolt will speedily extend to all the provinces that are still ruled by ïurkey, and that it will receive the active support of all those which ! have already achieted their i dence. A war against Turkey prosecuted with the combined resources of j govina, Crcatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, j Servia, Bulgaria, Wallachia and l davia, with Russia guarding the ncutrality of other nations, there can be no qiiestion of its ultimate suceess, and the complete separation of all the territory j known aa European Turkey from the dominion of the Porte. Such a war would likely have the resnlt, in event of success, of the formation of a great Sclavonio empire, of which Hungary would naturally form a part. ThiB is what Austria apprehends. Huugary is the main strength of the Austrian empiíe already, and a loss of its territory and resoufces would subject Austria' proper to the serious danger of being absorbed by the Germán empire and losing its individuality and dignity altogether. Jn faet there are indications that Bismarck is looking forward to something of this kind, and that he wiil sustain th; positiou taken by Busnia, thnt there shall be no interference to assist Turkey in putting down the Ohristian revolt. In this case poor Austria would be helpless. The very danger of it may prevent her from any iittempt at interference, ftnd oonflne her pai'tizanship to a refusal to permit the passage of supplies for the insurrectionists across her border. If this shall be the course of events (and the late dispatches certainly have such an appearance), Turkey will be forced to withdraw from all her jurisdiction in European territory, and lese the superior advantages she has had of squeezhig a large part of her extravagant and riotous living Out of her Ohristian depelidencles, wliich has been a doublé satisfaction on account of the hatred the Turks cherish for the "Ohristian dogs." For the rest, a new und powerful empire in Eastern Europe would help wonderfully to preserve the balance of


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