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Usitei) States troops are to guard tlie Government building. Col. Sanpoed, the English Cornniisfiiouer, prediots a grand suooess for the National Exhibition, TöeHe are a great many applicants for positions on tile pólice forcé. Many are called, but few are choseu. Promenade concerts will be given ! every morning and afternoon, and, according to the song, everybody will be expected to feel "awf'ully jolly " when the band begins to play. Obanöb and lemon trees in full bloom j will be Been in Horticultural hall, yise cocoanut trees and those npon which bananas grow. No plucking or sampling j will be permitted. Ail sorts of curious things wül be hibited in the Womeu's pavilion. Although there will be no special department to spinsters, their handiwork wijl be given conapicuous position where it can be admired. A F AC simile of the ötrasbourg clock will be cxhibited. It was made in Brussels, and is said to be complete in cvery particular. One of the English Commis! sioners has offered $5,000 for it. He is on time. An Americau so;!a-water fountain will be ten feet wide and twenty feet high, built of tho flnest marblo, and mounted with süver in great elaboration. There will be a dozen or more bright colored liair oils for syrups ! Wokth, who raakes the woman and not the man in Paris, has graciously consented to come, and to many people he will be one of the greatést curioaitics. He will bring his wife, and she will wear i her best clothos. The display of fireworks arranged for j the fourth oi' July will probably ! inate the whole State of Pennsylvania j and a portion of New Jersey, lt is like ■ ly to rain hard Jnly 4, 1876, according to the ulmanao. ÍS so the tíreworks will ; be given in-doors. Paki8 in miniatnri; will be shown Tiie work covers a platform íorty f eet square, i and every important buildiug, biidge and monument in the French capital is aeen. Those who oan't afford to go to ■ Europe ought to see this fac, nmile of i one oí 'the most atfcractive cities in the world.


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