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A f ter Five Years. Gering ? What, my friend, did it touch you so near, Thia word of a woman ? - 'et fall on an ear Too eager forauotü. By the gathered wood-laurcl yoxi flung at my feet, iour Bwift look of nnger was truly unmeet For your playfellow Ruth. tn the years that are distant we played, it is true, The winter.- away, in the Bnow, making, toot The moet of June's grasses ; And mingled onr voiceH in laughtr ana song, And strayed with soft tread tlirough the voudaand auiODg Ihe rocky liill passes. Bul for blooin of the May buds one ecarcely should Reek When the red heat of eummrr is on the year'e cheek, And her flowers are Btrong : For the faint blush of dawning one lifts not his eyes Tien the suu in ltshining is high in the skies And the dayn have grown long. And the years have been man y since Ihe day that you passed From the maples of üanipihire to clrnib the ehip'B mast In the Indian Sea ; Yes, the yeafs have been many Bince I roBe in the morn To Did you f are wc] 1 in the yellcming corn At the foot of the lea. And now you return, and rcruenibrauce with you ; Outrunning discretion youplunge a hand tbrough All the mists of the years, vaiuly gropiug to piek The bud that you Jeft on the bush. Ah ! a prick Has revealed you the truth, That blossoms and maidena may grow, sir, may grow Intï rosea with (horr.s in their keeping, and lo! Such irrowth is in Kiith.


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