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Rice OsuslifcT.- Ono teaonp boileil j swoet milk, three eggs well beat en, tablespoonful butter ; bake to a light I brown. Too nrach oooking spoils it. Hair Restohative. - A ten, made b.y pouring one pint ot boiliug water on two bibli -spoonf ulls oí dried rosemary lepras, ; with a wine-glassful of rum added. is cellent. To Soften the Hands. - Beforo retiring, fcike a large pair of oíd gloves and spread mutton tallow inside, .ilso all ! over the hands. Wear the gloves al night and wash the hands with olive oil white castile soap the next morning. Pot ato Soup. - Eight potatoes, two turnips, fóur large onions, boiled (together, in beef, mutton, or poultry water) to a jam ; then strained through a oolandar, then add buttt-r rubbed in flour (a little) -vvith cream or sweet milk, pepper and nalt ; chopped parsley in the ' bottora of the tnreen ; let soup boil up well, then pour over the parsley. ÏF the globos on a gasfixtnreare much istctined on the ontside by smoke, soak ! them in tolernbly hot water in which a little washíñg soda has been disaolved. Then put a teaspoonful of powdered am! monia in a pan of lukewarm water and I with a hard brush scrub the globes until the smoke stains disappears. Rinse in : clean oold water. They will be as white i as i f new. Gboünd stoppers onietiines stick fust j in bottles or deoanters. The heat of the ! üngers in worlsing them realerf; them still more fast. If tho ncck of the bottle is warmed by a cloth wrang out of bot water, the stopper wiil ioosen im medirá ly. Nuts on large screws are sonietimes'in a similar lix, and may be renoved iti the same way. A nut required to keep ita place tirmly, if first heated, may be fustened ou more secuivly, and with less injury to the Ihread, tlian by the most foreible screwing. Cup Cake. - For cup cake, uso three eggs, two cups of Riigar, two aud onrhalf cups of flour, three-fonrths of a cup of butter, one cnp of water, and two teospoonfuls oï baking-powder. Flavor with one teaspoonful of extract of leipon or vanilla For frosting tlio cake, une nine heaping teaspoonfnls of pulverized white sugar to the white of one egg, half a teaspoonful of extract of lemon. The whites of two eggs will be sufficient for one largo cake. Beat the -hites to a fine stift' broth, and stir in the sugav slowly; beat all together well, and spread over the cake with a knifo. Set the cake in a warm place to dry.


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