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A Slight Mistake

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A slim gentlemen of rather seedy appearance, with a bag in bis hand, called at a Danbury bank on Saturday, and asked to see the cashier. The boy took a good look at the party, whom he saw to be a traveling agent of somo kind, aud . then went into the back room with irformation. He returned and said tl e cashier was very busy just now. Tl e stranger set his bag down, and, leaning against the wall, prepared to wait. " He'll have a good time if he waits till Mr. C comes out here," whispered the boy to the teller. "You bef," replied the teller with a jocular wink. But the man waited. Years of experience, perhaps, had taught him the wonderful sublimity of waiting. Onco the cashier appeared in the door, but seeing the bore still there he preeipitately retreated. Shortly after he fled over to tlie other bank to teil the cashier of the way he had outwitted the book flend He had been there but a minute or two when the. slim man appeared and asked for the cashier. The official of that bank was obliged to admit his presence. "I want to make a deposit of $5,000, said the s!im man. "I was going to take it to the other bank, but I gottired waiting for the casbier to come in. The cashier for whom he bad waited shot back to his own institution, and when he got hold of tbat boy he gave Mm a olearer idea of singing sounds than he ever had before or will, perhaps, ever have


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