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The War Of The 'pathies

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We find th following ia a Detroit echange, iatroduoed with the ingle statement that it is being " secretly circulated " among the madioal t'ratyrnity of the State, - with the intention, we presume, of iufluenciug the aotion of the State Medical Association at the coming annual bession to be held in this city,- though no doubt originally written to inüu mee the recent meeting ot' the Alumni Assooiation of the Departmont of Madioine and Surgery of the University : Toledo, O., March 23, 1876. W. F. Breakey, M. D., Secretary Alumni Associatiou, Medical Departiueut, Uuiversity of Michigan : Dear Sib- Believing that a duty ia incuniliiiiil. upon t liosu who have already graduated in Uia medical department of the Umvoi-sity we desire, through you, to expresa to tier Alumni Association our views in regard to the intruductiüu of homuopathy iuto that institu tion. We, in coramou witli others,Tiavo ahvays re ferred with pride to the diploma received from the Regeuts of the Uuiversity, and with cor responding pleasure to the " honored faculty ' that m those ilaya wrote thereou their uame and titles. This avidonce oï our professiona ability, we hold to be both "irmor aud shield. We have watched with eagei nes, the devel opmeut of the medical department of the Uui vursity, and her immense power for good in the professiou. Her honors were measured b; uur ow n, aud having shared her glory, íh ai evil day we must likewise bear a portion o her shame. Our hoarts have been bound in bouds ot love ot her, as well as ih duty of pro to-sion to whioh her gitt weddod us. W could, in the fullness of our hoarts, forgiv mucli in our alma mater. Uut the principie of our profesión díctate that love shall nova interfere with duty. Our relatiou to thi question is totally uon-partisan and void of al personal feeling. We are free from tho loca iutluences that bear upon muiiy others, uu care nothiug for the adroit loic and lanuag with which it is attempted to cover the atart ling fact, that a pretended systom of medicine a systoiu which we were thou tauht to beliflv and huw conscientiouly hold to bo, the mos arraut attompt at huinbuggery, is engratt( uuüu the institution. We shudder at the fact, that a faoulty ia part composed oí those whose name) appear upon our diplomas, now join hauds with thos wno teach this unblushing charlatanlwm, by treely giving their studeuts tha beueñt of additioual instructiou, thus becoming an orgauized corps of co-laborers in preparing thera to praotioe a pretended systeni that not only sbames science, but is a by-word to simpl common sense. When the advocate oí "similia similibus curantur," and the law that the lens the dose oí a given drug the more powerful it provea to be, flaunt in our face their diplomas, bearing the same num and seal as our own, we can but estímate the Talue of ours, obtained when her name was without stain, as very sadly depreciited. Words of reproach we have none, and our sentiments are ouly those of sorrow. Oar alma mater is smitten with a loathsome dise&se. We hope thüt ita fatality may be averted, and to this end respectfully express our bolief and feelings, that the alliance should notbe coutinued, that at all hazards the purity of medical tachiug should be thore inaintaiued ; that, come the very worst, we enter our earnet and solemn protest against the teaching of homeopathy, or even its tacit recoguition in th medical department of the Üniversity of Michigan. J. T. Woods, M. U., Class of 1855. Gbo. W. Bowkn, M. D., Class of 1860. J. F. Abis, M. D., Class of 1865. Jas. A. Dtjuaix, M. D., Class of 1871. Edwabd M. Hall, M. D., Class of 1873. Jas. T. Lawless, M. D , Class of 1872. A. J. Bostatkb, M. D., Class of 1871. C. E. Humk, M. D., Class ot 1874. Now, " we rise to reraark, and ia lunguage that's plain," that th laarned doctors of the " old sohool " - " regulars," " allopaths," or we care not by whiit narae eallod - are " puttiug a foot in it." The graduates of the Medioal Dopartment, and their professional brethreu and syuipathizera who are fairly represented by the tone of the above " oircular letter," may mcceed in creating a sentiment in the profossion antagonistic to that long estabüshed and justtly popular department of th Üniversity, but it will not be at the expensa ot the " Homeopathie Medical College.' The " new sohool" has beun a long time in coming, but it has come to stay, - that is, if the present tactics of its opponents are the only obataole. The "regular" profession may pal professors loyal to the " oíd school ' and its teachinga to abandon their chairs, may prevent othera equally qual ifiod and equally tenacioua of professional honors froui acoepting the vacat ed places, or may, by baña and pion.uuciamsntoa, keep studente frora gathering in their leoture rooms in large umnbers, but they cannot get rid of the homeopathie branch of or attachmon' to the Univeraity, - not a branch of or an attaohinent to the Department o: Medicine and Surgety. If tha whola profession, or a majority of it, sbal inake oommon cause (and resolve to "shuddsr") with the eight wise men ñames and views are above roorded, we shall behold the spectacle ol an oíd and strong medical school giving way befare a yearling, and thnt the haudmaid of a deapised seot. It wil; not be an oxhibition of heroism for the truth's Bake, but rather one of moral and professional oowardioe : an evidonce that half a dozen - more or less- able and skilled professors daré not (or are not to be permittod if they daré; - through fear of their inability or awe of the profession - continue to administer arthodox medical instruction to sereral hundred pupils, aimply beoauae a scoro of the same pupil ara matriculauts in another aohool vnd listen to the loctures of two professors whose " bRner with the strange device " is timilia similibut curantur : two professors who do uot lecture to the " regulara," who have. no word or voice in the manageiuoiit of the oíd sohool, and with wtóm, or whose contaminating toaohings, the oíd sohool student in no wise come in contact. It is the sheorest nonsense and folly to "ahudder" at the thought that " a faculty in part oomposed of those whose ñames appear on our di plomas, now join hands with those who teach thÍ8 unblushing oharlatanism, by freely giving their students the benefit of additional instruction, thus becomig an organized corps ot co-laboreri in preparing theni to practioe a pretended aystem that not only shamos soionce, but is a by-word to simple oommon aen80." Year in and year out, course after course, without professional protest or rebuke, tho faculty of the Medical Department have given instruction to students with the kuowledgo that they wore gHtting homeopathie instruction (perhaps we should aay instruction in homeopathy) elsewhere, with the openly declared intention of praotioing that "pretended sysUm." Thoy hare orgauized ioieties, have invited homeopathio physioians to leoture to them, and have "flaunted" the red rag of heresy undwr the vory nose of " old sohool " professors and " old school" studuats: yet thoir diplomas ware signttd without objeotiou, with tho same pen that wrote (perhaps) the iiimum of Woods, Bowen, Arii & Co., aud they uow praotice hotneopathy in town and hamlet and oity. Then, jathic and homeopathie siudenU sluraeied peaoefully ia the saine bed, and I ïow, beoause the homeopathie studente ' lar swarnisd, have a hie of their own, jraduate under true rathei than falae colors, take the diploma of an indapuudent gohool, " our alma mater is smitten with a loathsome disease." Then, the whole faeulty passed and graduated and aigned the diploma of the "pretander " or " charlatan " or " quaok." Sovr, the professor f anatomy or surgery or physiology r obstetrios, only certifies that the student hos done faithful work - in short "passed " hi ohair - and he goes to another school, takes its diploma, piesents it to the publio, and no longer praotioes homeopathy under the diploma, exhibited in his office, of the " College of Medicine and Surgery." So niucu for the " circular letter." Now for a brief oouaidoration of the praotioal quostion involved. Over twenty yeare ago (in 1855) the Logislature provided by a law yet unrepealed, " that there shall alwuya be one professor of homeopathy in the department of medicine." That law the Regent, suatainod by a large olass of laymen and by an equally divided Supreme Court, refused to obey. The Legislature has alsu appropriated money in aid of the Univereity (in 1867), oonditioned on the currying into effeot of the law of 1855. The Regenta sought to oomply by establiahing a branoh of the Uniyersity - or houieopathio college - at Grand Rpids, but the General refused to pay OTer the monay and was sustained by the 8upreme Court. A seoonl time a mandamas was applied fur, conpelling the appointment of a professor fa the Medical Department, but Judge Crane held that ha had no jurisdiction, l and was sustained by he Suprema Court. After gnawimg the bono session after eession, at the last ons an act was passed making an annual appropriation of $6,000 for " a hoineopathio niedioal ooilege as braneh or departnient of the University at Ann Arbor." It was a final legislativo atttimpt to settlo " the war of the 'pathie8," and made with the iinplied understauding, we inay say threat, that if not accepted and oarried out by the Regenta no mor apporiations could or would be made in aid of the Univeisity. Tha Ragen tl have attampted to adminutet that act in goed faith. Xhey would have providad uil oorpi of professors, with musetms, laboialories, hospital, etc, but the grant was not lurge enough, and it is onlr faiT to lay was not meant to ba larga enough, and will never be made large eaough, - that is unless the "profession" shows a better spirit and workg with instead of against the homeopathisti in procuring legislation. The oíd medical faculty are not responsible for tha legislation, and are not responsible for the aotion of the Rogonts : they wera obliged to accept the situation or abandon the field. It is also fair to say, and we say it frankly, that the people of the State, - thosa who have eppased the suocessiva attemps to thrust " a professor of homsopathy into the Medical Department, those who employ " old ichool " physioians ai well as those who employ and have a right to employ homeopathisti - have had enough of this professional quarrel, are haartily tirad of it, and demand that it shall oease. Thay gee mo' reason for duplioating professorihips - the teachings of which must be the sama - at a lage expendituro of money, - for the seeming gratification of mere professioaal or "school" pride. Ia fact, the quarrel muoh longer oontinued Will do more than anything else, more than all the clamor against the State engaging in the work of professional eduoation, to deatroy both the professional departments of tbe Univeriity - both the law and medical. Coming directly to the poimt : the medical profesaion (meanimg the "old school ") tnay destroy a school whioh it has taken more than a quarter of a oentury to build up, and which ranks with the best medical schools of the country, aad this it will do if its members persist in warring upon tha faculty and Hegents and Legislatura, of the establishment of a College of Homeopathy. It cannot bring baak the old state of things, but it may, parhaps, compol the old faculty to re aign, and pave the way to a College of Homeopathy of magniflcent proportions. If thuru is wisdom or even eoinmn sunse in foroing such results we cannot sue it, and therefore advise all " old sohool " physicians, graduatos of the Mudical Düpurtmeat, or of other medical schools, to take tha sober second thought buforejthey shall order, in the May couvuutioii, the ounsure of the medical faculty, or placa the ban of disfellowahip upon the future graduates of the College of Medicine and Surgery. Professional znal, prida, aad honor are noble and sterling qaalikiei ; but overgrown, diitorted, or misdireoted, thoy ar suro to overwhelm both thair possessors and the oause thoy chumpiou in speody and irretvievabla defaat. Charles H. Smith, journal olerk oí tho House, has got himsolf int troubl by sendiug out a circular solieiting the agency for bounty olaimg under the pending equalizing lar, and proposimg a djvinion of the legal colloction fee. His exouse is that the propusod reduotion of his salary maket it neoessary for him to look for a bmtor job, and he was prnparing the way for resignation and the establishment of hitnsulf as claim agent. The ulerk had buttsr " bouuvo iiim." liuisi'ow Iihs deuiunded investigatiou of the charges made agaiast him. Th jamo of Blaine is mum. The mud is beug thrown by the friends of other epublioan presideotial andidates.


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