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-The Chicago Timtt of last Saturlay gave place to a seven oolumn let;er from Indianapolis, oomparing and ontrasting the liveB of Hendricks and ind Morton, - politically, aooially, and morally. The pioture it presenta of Morton 's licentiouaness, aud the speoifio latiug and locating of his amours, j?iving uamos of parties, miike it an easy thing for Senator Morton's friends to prove the writer aud publisher alanderers and liara,- that is if they do not teil the truth. Silence ought not to aatiaiy the average votar attaohed to the party of " great moral ideas." -The Evangelitt (N. Y.) takes Seoretary Taft and Gen. Sherman severely to taak for running " right over the laws of (Jod and man," fer having "disregarded, not to say outraged, tho feulings of nine-tan.ths of the reapectable portion of this oommunity, by arriving hore from Washington on Sunday iuoruing, aud entering fortkwith upon the forlaal inapection of the forts and military defensas of the harbor of New York." The EvanadUt can acarcely be posted in the ways and doinga of the publio men at Washington, in these latter yeara, or it would aoe notliing uuuaual in tha aetion of the Seoretary and General. -The New York World has a fixod opinión oonoerning the centennial " big show " at Philadelphia : and that is that the oentennial cannot and will not be made a success unless the railroad fares are speedily reducod below the annonneud figure, - 25 per cent. off froni the regular ratea. " Half fare " is the saving rate, the World saya, and we guess the World is about right. - ürestes A. Browuson, well known in literary circles aud as a religious coutroversialist, and editor aud publisher of the latoly suspended BrowMoiiz (uarUrly lieview, died at the residence of hig son, íb Detroit, on Monday last, aged 72 years. Politioally and religiousljr he had " boxed the oompass," going from Calvinisin through íbib to Catholicism, iu whioh latter faith he died. - The City Attoruey of Jackson, not being able to ruad writing, reflectad os Wm. M. Bennett for having received a $4,000 city wairant or check without rendering an equivalent. It turned out that the oheck was drawn in favor ot' United States Marshal J. R. Bennett, ia paymüat of n julgmout against tho city. - The Coldwater Iïepuhlican don't take onthusiasticnlly to the proposition for the Michigan delegation to give Zuck Chandler a coinplimentary vote foi President in the Cincinnati Convention. It says Zftck has boen honored enough, and yet wants Bristow or Blaine to continue him at the head of the Interior Department. - Duin l'udro, the visiting Ernporor of Brazil, who landed at New York on Saturday, heard the eoho of Greeley's voice, " Go West, young man," and left for Chicago and San Francisco on Monday, disregarding the pressing iuvitation to visit Washington and pay his respects to the President. Mrg. Pedro and the ladies of her suite retnained in New York. -Prof. C. B. Thomas, of Niles, a gradúate of the University, clase of 1860, is spoken of as a candidato for Superintendent of Public Instructioui - subject to the decisión of the Republican Conrention. The Republicans have never nominated a University gradúate for that responsible educational office. - The widow of President Polk has bsen invited to visit Philadelphia during the Centennial, and, if she accepts. President Soott, of tha Pannsylvania Railroad Conipany, will despatch a sleeping oar for her special accommodation and she will be hospitably entertained during her stay. " He that fights and runs away will live to fight another day " has been illustrated down at New Orleans in a legal way : that is the crooked whisky fellows who escaped triai through techuicalities have again been indicted. - The " baby act " is what a minor pleads when asked to pay a debt he has oontracted : and "nu jurisdictioa " i Belknap's main holt when called to wrestle with the Benate organized as a oourt of impeachment. - The President signed the silver bill on Monday last. Now let the coin jingle and the dirty, greasy, ruggad siiinplasterg step down and out. - - Blaine took another tilt with Tucker on Monday - over the Hallett Kilbourn haleas eorpu resolution - and got " tuckered out." A correspondent writing from 8t. Johns, N. B., to tho Boston Post, tolls a capital story in a oapital way, at the expense of ex-Speaker Blaiue and his colleague, Eugene Hale, These gonlluuien paid St. Johns a visit on a public oocasion, attended a supper, and Mr. Blaine made u speech in which he glorified the doctrine of prott-ction. Iiumediately thoruafter, with the eulogy warm upon bis lips, he iurested about $1,200 in valuable merchandise, had his purohasos packud in a bundie aud labeled " Hou. J. (i. Blaine," and tliou " orossed the line " without rendering unto Únele Sam the dues that were his. Smuggling would be the torm applied to the same act done by a plobeian. Hale was luss fortúnate : his suit of clothos got " hung on the line.' aud were releasod with somo difficulty' and oonsiderable iuconvenience. The writer suggests that he have his next purchases packed in Blaine's bundlü, that gentleman seeming to h ivo his " hat chalked " on that route. TllB Democrat of Indiana mot in State Conremion on Weduosduy, deolared for Hendricks for President, "throwed" Landers and noraiuated Hon. J. D. Williams for Governor, and constructed a platform of rathor divorso material. They gotbr " gold aud silver as the true and safe basis of tbe currenoy," oppose " oontraction," want the national bank ciroulation withdrawn and greenbackg substituted, and furor the perpetuation of the " legal tender " oharacter of the greonbaok issues - old and new. Thut's skill in the use of a politioal and flnanoial balancing pole. Ex Secret ar y Bklknap appeared before the Senate as a Court of Impeachmeut on Monday, accompanied by his counsel, Messrs. Blaok, Blair and Carpenter, and plead no jurisdiction ot' the court, he not holding any civil ottioe. Ou Wednesday the mmagors uu tho part of the House put in their ruplication, and the court theroupon adjourned to the 27 th inst., re-replicatiou and rejoiuder to be filad meantiine. It is tiudurstojii in well-inforined ciroles that the Soiiatu (or court) will sustttin hu plea in behalf ot' Btlknap and that iuipeachment is a failure. At the lato eleotion - April 3 - Inghaui county voted on the quetition of a loan to build a county poor house, and the result indicates that the average Inghaui voter dou't believe in running the couuty into debt tor any such purpose. The vote stood : for the loan, 82 1 ; agaiust the loan, 3,797. The poor of Ingham county ought to ba paroeled out ainong those negative voters - like the country school ma'ams. But would n't it be rather rough on the paupers, though V P14ESIDENT GrRAHT ha vetoed the bill reducing his successor's sulary to the old scale - f'25,000 a year. He dou't mean to bu followed by any low-priced fellow.


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