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Our experiment of wanderiug without the Democratie fold for candidates for Democratie support, baa proven a dead t'aiiure. - Illinois State lieghtir (Dem.) It was Secretary Bristow'g honesty whioh gave birth to the suspocion that he is a Deunerat.- MtiixeiUe Ledyer (JMm.) Conuecticut has ceased to be a Ropubliean State, and we can concieve of no revolution in politics which is likely to disturb the permanent Democratie ascendency whioh is there established. - Chicago Tribune {liep.) It looks now as if the Wur Department ring means to destroy General Cunter for awearing against Belknap. The country will not stand any trifliug of this kind. Seoretary Taft should clean out his department. Bolknap was there for six years and no doubt left a lot of Belknapism behind hira. Allegheny (Pu.) MaĆ¼ (Rep.) Let not the new Babcock scandal oall off attention i'rom Sclumck. Cornmon decency requires that he should be impeached. Belkap, Babcock, Pirrepont, Grant and such are family inatters, as it were, but the Schenck case casts a reproach upon the whole American character. - Bultimore QazetU (lnd.) The Ohio Domocrats will not bolt Tilden in a body. Sonae scattering defections may be apparont early in the canvass, but even these would probably fade out and beoome invisible before the i'rosty days of November. And to the poseiblo issue of " Tilden and Reform " vry many of the more sagacious Democrats of Ohio have no doubt


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