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Another Case Of Manumission

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Mr?. Eleanor Hall, a hdy of Itichmond, Virginia, died in July last, bequcathing to nli lier slaves - 80 in numlior - their freedom, willi a sumof monoy to cach suííícicnt to pny thc expenses of emigraiiun to anpther stalo. Eleven of these slaves, fine looking young men nnd women, from 20 to 30 years of age, including 3 or 4 childrcn arrived in tlns city on Sunday last and are now at thehouse of Miles Cutcliins, No. 15 Gaskill streel. Those eleven were brought on to this cily by n young man of the name of Jncob Hoeflick, of Richmond, formerly of this city, who with much disintcrestcdnessnndagood deal of nconveniencc, assisted them to overeóme the embarrassrrionts which the laws of Virginia and Maryland put in the way of free coloro.d people passing through the limitsof tliosc States. What di.sposition is to bo made ofthoöOyet jemninmg in Virginia we have not hcard; but the eleven who nrc now in our city, intend, wo undorstand, to go to Canada. It is a fact not unworthy of notice, thal Mrs. Ilnll was a member of no church. - When the churcli ccoses lo incúlcate up on its members, and shc will soon be compelled to do ti by public sentiment, tha slavery is a Ilcaven-sanctioned in.stitu tion, cases of manumission like this wil coaso to be a novelty.A ncw female scct hns just appeared n a part of Olrio, called 'The Peínale Kings,' who hold that the order of nature lias been reversed - tin t the timo has now4 arrived when 'last shall he first,' conscquently that woman is tho, lord of creation and man her servaiu. - They sit in judgment upon the saints; are endowed with eternal life; nro proof to injury; aro under the special care of th Lord - fed, clothed, and preserved by hi power. They have succeeded in makin a great many converts, and the infatúa tcd creatures have left their families, anc are wandering about without scrip, ant without purse, taking no thought of th morrow, led, as they think, by the Spin 'to follow the Lamb whithersoevor h goeth.'