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The L. L. A. "tin Wedding

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-The lied' Library Association of this city celebraed the teuth anniversary of its organization ou Tuttsday and Weduesday eveuings, at Smith's hall ou State atleet. Ou the third loor General 'and Lady Washington recived n state ; the olden relies were exhibited, inluding pictures, books, papers, Bilver and chi ua ware, arma, samples ot needie work, etc. A venerable quaker lady and her young but qually precise and dumui e assistauts scattered ;heir thees and thous broadcast and sold tniware ; two Narragausett or Pequod Indians old " Boston Harbor Tea" (but not enough to )ragof ) írom the veritable snip JXirtmouth ; and there was an "Art Qallery'' attachment which was exeedingly popular and proved the adíes in charge skilied, iugenious, and happy rtistic caterers. A book was kept fur the regstry of tho ñames oi visitors (to be opened a tuudred years henee ; and Miss Abigail Artams nd other auuieut dames made their guests at lome. Supper was served on 'the second floor where six tables wore presided over by Mrs. Charles Carioll, Mrs. Johu Adaias, Mrs. Wm. )uer, Mrs. l'hos. M. Randolph, Mrs. Theodore Sedgewick, ,and Mrs. Alex. Hamilton, assisted y a score of beautiml youug ladies dressed in ye garba ot ye olden time." Never wer easters more royally waited upn. Both rooms were elaborately tnmmed and decorated. The net proceeds were about Ï16Ü, exclusive of a heek for $25, preseuted by H. W. Eogers, isq., but having a wholesome loar of lus cred;ora he prohibited auythiug being said about ;. On the whole it was a pleasant afïair. - The ladies who dressed in costume patenied after the portraits la " Griswold's Kembíieau Court." The beautiful tapestry paiers u&ed in ornameuting the dining room were oanedby Dr. J. B. Steere. who also QOUUibu;ed liberaliy to the " relie" cases. Good Sale. - Moses Hogers old to Dayid leuning, ono day Jast week, ?540 00 worth of 'arming implemments - all done in about one ïour's time. These implemeuts mostly went o the White farm, west of Murshall, uow rnown as " Hewniug's nine huudred acre arm," the balance to the Thomas Wood farm, ear Saline, now owned by Henuing. Dave hinks that he will want as many more bfore ie season is over ; Mose dares hira to do it. 'hese implemento cousnted of all kinds of ools from a grain drill to a hoe. After the mrchase was completed, Dave put his hand nto his trouser's pocket and produced the mony therefor ; which was uot bad to take. Cali t Rogers' and see those New Buckeye and Gorhatn Cultivators, for corn and fallow. William Mount, aged about 19 years, son f Bare lay Mount, of this city, committed suide on Saturday evening last, by taking morhiiie. He came home from the the asy I um at Calamazoo at 4 p. M', the superintendent hinkiug him sufficiently restored to engage n some light employment. After tea he carne own town, purchaaed 30 grains of morphine E a druggist who did , uot kuow him to be inane, went home and retired early. He was Lscovered bet ween 11 and 12 p. M., medical id immediately called in, but died at 2 A. M. [e left two letters, - one addressed to his fathr and mother, and the uther to hÏB late attenants at the asylum. Ebeata. - A eareless prooi-reader conspired vritli a blundering cempositor last week, and onverted the written wo.d Register into Begents," in au item pronouncing certain ttacks upon Kegent Climie as " ill-timed, unust, and not calculated to do the cause it (the foresaid Register) espouses any good." The Begents " are tendered an apology for speakng of them as " it."