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The following transactions in real estáte ave been recorded in the office of the Regis;er of Deeds during the past week . Lambert List to Mack tfc Schmid, 160 acres ï Êuctions -29 and 32, Freedoin. $4,455. John B. Stark to Otis B. Stark, 80 acres off outheast quarter of uec. 8, Augusta. (4,000. Cicero Newell to Josiah Newell, 40 acre adoining French claim No. 681, Ypsilauti. 2,6(0. Miiry L. Eaton to George H. Cobb, lot on Adrián streat, Saline. $1,200. Otis B. Stark to Hiram Brown, 80 acres of! outheast quarter of sec. 8, Augusta. $4,400. Huiri of Conrad Lindenschinid to Elard .ul nkamp, Si) ucreu oñ' uorthvrest quarter of ection 34, FieeJom. 4,780. Daniel B Sraith to Wm. Gage, 22 acres off ortliwest quarter of öuction 36, Suuerior. 1,700. Jolin Hodzle, Jr„ to John Hutzell, 72 1-4 eres off seotiou (, Saline. $ 1,800. Go. Lindenichmid to Elard Kulenkamp, 0 acres off southeunt quarter sectiou 33, Freedom. $2,390. Daniel A. Matthews to Euenezor Holley, 6 acres, adjoinmg land owueil by E. Hawley and M. C. R. R., township of Yijsilauti. Ï600. John G. McKoman to G. Ludwick, 40 acres off section [30, Northtield. $800. Ebenezer Brooks to Andrew Ross, let in block 2, Dexter. $2,000. Clara M. Volz to Samuel L. Jenny, lot and etore on Ann Arbor street, Deiter. $3,280. George B. Ballard to I. M. Conklin, lot No. 100, Ypsilanti. $700. Leonard Vaughn to E. G. Schaffer, lot 6 in block 4 south, rangu 2 wust, Alaynard's addition to Ann Arbor. $1,200. Administrator of estáte of Patrick Hoban, deceased, to Michael O'Brien, land on northwst (juarter of soctiou 3, Northfield, subject to conditiouB. $2,650. ' iuardiau of Ann E. Hammond, insane, to Juliette J. Wines, lot at the intersection of Congress and Summit sts., Ypnilauti. $1,600. Wm. Gage to Milan E. Gage, 27 acres off northeast quarter of sec. 36, Superior. $2,700. Wm. G. Blain to (Jhaa. King, part of lot 10, Ypsilanti. $250. Emma S. Davis to Walter C. Brass, oneeighth interest in parcela of lands on sections 31 and 32, Webster. $1,750. Arabella Westfall to Palmer Westfall and othors (quit claim), widow's dower and interest in lands of the late Elias Westfall, in Lima $1,500.