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Doings Of The Common Council

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The first meeting of the nevr couucil wa held on Monday evening, all the meinbers in attendance. Mayor Kinne addressed the Council with a few remarks, hoping that the same feelings o uuity uud harmony which characterized the members of the Counoil during the past year niight continue to exist during the coming year, and that each omcer be ready to per form the duties for which he waa elected and for the beat interests ef the city. ïhe location ot the city made large animal expenditures necessary ; he did not consider it the policy or best interests of the city to neglect neeled improvements in order to see how much money can be savcd ; all improvements should be substantial, and all expenditures made wisely judiciously, and economically ; he also urge( upon the Council the necessity of keeping witlnn the charter appropriatioua in all expenditurei from the various funda. He considered the creation ot a new standing committee, for the expenditure ot the general f und, necessary, and announced hi inteution of appointing such a commi ttee with on member from eaoh ward. The Mayor then announced the following standing committees: Street- Aldermen Ferdon, Schmid, Gardner, ner, McDonald, Doty, King. General Fund- Aldermen King, Cate, Besimer, Kyer, Rokers, Doty. Finance - Aldermen Rogers, Besimer, King. Sidewalks - Aldermen Page, Schmidt, Ortmaii. Pohce - Aldermen Cate, ISesimor, Doty. PETITIONS. Of W Tremain and otliers, for conatructiou of a sidewalk on north side of Lawrence st., jetween Thayer and Ingalls streets. To Sidewalk Committee. Of C. K. Adams and others tor construction of a sidewalk on south side of Washtenaw avenue, between Forest avenue and Church atreet. To same committee. Of H. Cornwöll and others, for constrnction of a sidewalk on naat side of Ingalls street, etweeu North and Washington atreeta. To same committee. Of John Moran and others, for construction of a sidewalk on south side of Hill street, beween grade of the T., A. A. & N. R. R. and Main street. To same committee. Of H. C. Waldron and others for erection of a street lamp on corner of Page and Fuller sta. fo General Fund Committee. Ot N. A. Prudden and others, for erection of atieet lamp on corner of State and North treets. To same committee. Of S. Wübur, asking to be appointed City Surveyor. Laid on the table. COMMUNIUATIONS. From Fire Department, giving names of perons entitled to pay as firemen, 79 in nuinber ; also list of oflicers elected for ensuing year, and asking their confirmation. Accepted and adoptod, and ofticers confirmed. From E. Clark, justtce of the peace, giving ist of cases, for violation of city ordinances, ried before him for the quarter endiug April st. Accepted and filed. From Board of Health, submitting their re)ort for year 1875, as follows : Ion. E. D. Kinne, Mayar of the city of Ann Arbor : SlE - It again becomes our duty as the pubc ruardians of the health of the city of Ann Arbor to mnke our annual report, which we lerewith transmit. Sinee our last report we have had one case f small pox and one of varioloid. From the act that the disease did not spread to a greatr exteut in the city, while it was prevailing o such an exteut so near us as the county ïouse, shows the wisdom of the most rigid uarantine and a thorough syatem of vaccinaion, notwithstauding the strong opposition ny such measure will meet with from the )eopie. There have been about two hundred cases Of measles, most of them very mild, ouly being visited once by a physician. We have hardly had a inouth without some ases of scarlet fever, for the most part these cases have been unusually mild. We have only been able to trace out ninety-one caaes. spring whooping cough was very prevalent, only forty-nme cases however niving een reported. There have been twenty-f our cases of chicknpox reported, all of them being of a mild ;ype of the disease. There have been nine cases of diphtheria, of mild form, reported. Erysipelas has been very prevalent im the ity during the fall and winter, it usually has ttacked the tace and head. Seventeen cases ïave been properly reported, one of which roved fatal. There have been lifty-eight deaths during ;he year, 27 males, 31 tómales, from the foliowig causes : Apoplexy, 1 ; consumption, 10 ; child birth, ; cáncer, 1 ; dropsy, 3 ; diarrhoea, 2 ; dyseuery, 1 ; dropsy, 3 ; diabetes, 1 ; fits, 1 ; erysiplas, 1 ; haart disease, 4 ; hemorrhage ot the ungs, 1 ; inñanimatioii of the bowels, 1 ; iuammation of brain, 1 ; infiammation of the ungs, 4 ; oíd age, 5 ; scarlet faver, 1 ; genera] ebility, 1; still boni, 2; cerebro-spinal menengitis, 1 ; teething, 2 ; typhoid fever, 3 ; carlet fever, 1 ; paralysis, 2 ; causa not cnown, 2. The census of 1870 gires our population at ,363. Taking tliat as our basis the death rate would be about .007 of one per cent, or about ight persons die to every one thousaml perona living in the city. We thmk that this will compare favorably with any city of ita ze in the United States. We have had two huudred and twelve comilainta made and attended to by the Board, 'he people generally have beeu muck more williug to couiply with the orders of the Board lan on previous years. Fourteen permitB lave been granted for the removal of corpses rom the ctty during the year. We most earnestly urge upon every citieu ie iraportance of keeping their door-yards ■elf cleared of all rubbisb, and to use largo uantities of ashes or lime in their privy aulte and cesspools during the coming summer. All of whish is respectfully submitted, W. B. Smith, President. On motion the report was accepted and orered placed on file . MI8CELLANEOU3. By Aid. King : That the rulas of order dopted by the last Board be re-enacted for ie government of the present Board. Adoped. On motioH Council proceeded to the election f a City Marshal, with the foüowiug result: lat ballot. 2d ballot. A. II. Herrón, 11 13 E. Stiling, 1 - N. Felch, 1 1 Herrón declared elected ; and Council proeeded to the electiou of Treasurer, as follows : lst ballot, 2d. 3d. F. Sorg, () 6 o A. A. Terry, 6 6 8 M. Bogers, 2 2Terry declared elec ted. The Council proeedeil to the electton ot a City Attoiney : lst ballot. 2d. A. McKeynolds, 9 8 A. W. Hamilton, 2 2 D. Grauier, 2 1 K. E. Frazer, 1 1 Blank, - 1 McKeynolds declared elected. The following appointmeuts of Street Commissiouers were then made : lst and 2d wards, o appoiutment ; 3d and 4th wards, John 8. Nowland ; 5th and títh wards, Chas. Adama. By Aid. Bosimer, the followiug resolutiou which was adopted : Resolved, That a Board of Health be apoiuted, consisting of one member from eaoh upervisor district. The follwing were then appointed membere of the Board of Health : lst and 2d wards, Dr. W. B. Smith ; 3d and 4th wards, Henry Paul; óth and 6th wards, Dr. Thos. WilkimonMarshal Herrón announced the appointment f John G. Johnson and John W. Maroney as deputy marshals, and asked their confirination. Aid. Cate moved that but oue deputy marhal be appointed, and that the services of J. V. Maroney be diapensed with. Lost. The appomtments of Messrs. Johnson and ïlaroney were then confirmed. By. Aid. King, the following raaolution, which was adopted : Resolved, That A. H. Herrón be appointed chief ot pólice, and John (i. Johnson and John W. Maroney be appointed pohcemen of this city, nnd that their pay be the same and upon he same terms and conditions as last year. Aid. Bogers steppad forward to the Mayor'i lable and, in compliance with a rote of the Council at its laat meeting, piesented that officer with the amouat of hU aalary for the paBt year, being one dollar in gold. The Alderman advised the Mayor that the amouat might not be as larga as some oi the amounts bequeathed by the late Alexandr T. Stewart, yet by a judiciona investment of the same, he being a young man, a considerable fortune raight be realizad therefrom for the support of himself and ïamily in their oíd age.