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Forty-fourth Congress

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Tuesday, April 11.- Soiate.- A bilí was passecl toproide for the expendes andadmUaionof foreign goods to the Centennial.,..Howe introduced a bilí, by rcque.;t. ío provide, forebeap transportatioa of freight b&tween water at ornear the Atlantic or :m and tb. o Oblo p.ud Mifieissippt vall.ys Uj raüroad. The Sécate pausad the bilí for the improvement of the Capítol groun ds, wfth provi-inn thíit nono oí tlie íuiids approprlfcted chalí pftB through the handíi of Gen. B..bLock, ati cmmljudoner of Pabilo Buildings and Groundh. . .Edmund?, fromlheommii.tpe on tho Judlciary, re■ adversely on Lhe House bilí U proteot witiieaflcs w'íin Bhall be required to lestify íd certain cusís, v.itíi a writtcn report, Steveöson, ni the name cominittee, prebented a minoi-.iy report.... The Señale was engagcd nearly all day i'u discussiuR H:iiuliiii Postal bilt. .-A bilí mui pasaed nthorizing the brid"iug of the Mteaiiuippt rïver ai Sioux City Wells (lo.), from Ulú ipp ( "ïniuittee, rcported tho DeQoiency biíl. It approijriatoe $fiS2,486 The eyoolog eesaioo waa dovotod to the cooBMentlon of tlie Legislative Appropriation bilí. Wedsespat, April Señóte)- Speioer introduced a bul to prore&t pitnic aud giví ■ '.isiici y to legal-tcnder curreuey without ímpairing ite valué Uaniliu's bilí rcgnlatlng tho postuge on third-claaR matter waa passed .. The bilí toprovide for the palé oí extra coplee öf public document, andfor the diRtributtonof tli regular official cdisraa paseèd, ii .si'.- Thi; Kouce paeéod the Dertcionny bill without oppoKition... .Tho .Silvcr bülcamcup, and tho Sen&to amoQdmeuts wére concurred in without tic bat c and without divimon. . . . Ilaarofi'crfid a reeohitiouitistructínj; tho Ju dio i a 17 Ooinrhitteo to inquire bat Btepi have been tak m for properly rcpresMiting the InUreéti? of Ih e United statce in the iniutcd agoinsf Oi' Credit Mobilierand olhirH, ander the proviRion? of tlio act oi th, ■■:■} at Maroh, ist;í ; an.i. alo, whethcrth'e Union Pacific Railroad Gíimpany has not forfQÍte i ita charter, and whether the eame ehould nothavb en ■ uee the compaoy bas rei Bted ■ covery In Ita behalf of itsrajút) stock wroolffully v.iíhdriíwn by means of flctfifouíi coDsiructíi ír;i!-tH or unlawful dividobds. A dopt d. . . n t v nog Ettseion as beid i.rihe consideratfonof the Appropriation bilí. Thubsday, Ai ril 18,- Sèriaie.- The i litga in the Seaate icotö dull and uointctestlog. UiÜB werp pa?Bed proUlinK for fhe Unprlson and trapsier of Uuited Staten prlsonera ; providing for the separate entry of [ackagea contavned in one tatíOD, iiti-l :uith'.riy,i:i;i the COJIBtrUCÜOll OÍ a pontoÓD bridge acrqes {he MispinKippi rvcr, frotu noint i)i LaOro . WJb., to lotae point in ÜouAton oounty. Minn Xdjouruedtill Mondar. April 17. Kever,] MHh of a local and unfiupnrtant character were paspcd The Henatebill toconflrui pro-emptton and hozueatcad entriea oí public luuda within tlv liuMts "l ruilroad grantf, in caMs wiiprc iuch cati1.! 'S b we bi ni ooadfl ouder regulativas 1 1 aud departmo&t, waa paesed, ...The bill to trausfur iïniian buroiiu tn bbo Interior departtaentwafl diecuüetd witlumt auiiou Adiouru-d to the lTth. Sattjrday, April XS.-Senate.- Not insession. Hpttac.-The caao of üallett Kilbouro, th 1 pool reooiaoi witnew, fonired the mbj alively debate fn the Honec. The Judiciarj! unit e, to whom the rjuestion of tho hitbeüft corpus ■ Imd i' 1 ii refeired, rported unfavorably na ihc ' Ion, directiug 1 ti ■ s. reant-at-arme to maki a rettpeetfal re tuin to Jadgo Cartter, pi District oourt, seuins' ferth the ëaufte of KilbonruV n tcnfcton, bol to r, tatn the eastodj 't tho pri8 Hnrd, and Hoar cbnsld(.rrd ine Lfouse .insiiíifd in holding the priflonpr in defiano oi the wnirt, while Qarfleld, Lynde, Kelley and Kaï on olaüned tbat the Honen Phould obcy the mimdato of the cort and doliv r up the priwoner. Tho ijufeHon wns noÉ de ei de d A Kftolutioii wa adoptcd .directiug the Couiu on Bulfft tölnqnire tnto IW charge tbat Sniidi, the jou roa) eUrk ól Hon-e, bad offerd to pi tl l mnty 1 taime for a cojniaíB8Í9n Tb ■ Uil to -jru, r.r the adminlfttrntibn o) bitüs in iitijir.-tclnucn: triata Wiw paefl The Hciiafé ! uricpckneDti 10 the OoDfcnJar and Piplomatic bü] : wrre reported from the Appropriationri Cummittco and orderctl printed. Mnday, April 17. - Sèhate. - Affcer the journa! of TIiuraday'H proeoedinjïs had been reud, varioii8 petitions and memoriBis wero proHcntod, and at half-past 12 o'clock the legtalative btisinens w suspendí (l ml the Sonate proo66d6d to the considciMtiou of the articles of fmpeachnient. After a proel amutiu ti by tho Si rf-jiiit-at-rirmR, ihief .Juptice Waite aduiinidtered the oath to Hiich of tho Senators an were absent on tho day the Sc nato wrb orgauized as z court oí im]j;n-hmi'ut. Sfcortly af ter Belknap, nrpompitiprl by his counsol, ex-Senator Carjjonter. Jadge Black and Montgomery Blair, entered and proceeded to the table providcd for thcui. Thp return on the j wrií ser ved upon the ex-Sccretarviuivin been n ad, and tho Sergeant-at-rma hnving c4Ued upnn him to answer, Mr. Oarpejiter rcad, and had Bied a plcadenjiní? tlie jurintlictton of tht; Senate totry Mr. iclknap on the srticleR of inipeachüiftnt, as hfi wm not au oüïfor of the Vnitfd iateaatthr1 tinu irticlfK w i-i . u :ml and presentía to the senati ; that ho haa notHÍnre becu ïmr is not juw ni o:Vir. r of the Uultea States, bul waa and is :i private eiüzi □ oT ÜDited States ;md Of tbfi State of Itnvn. Tho oourt theii adjoiwwed until SVednesday. IIons,'. - The House devotcd unothj-r tlay to the (ïase of Kilbourn, the recusant witncsP, and, at thd conchision of a long and aniriated debate, adopted ft resolution proposi d by Lyndo, of WiHOonstn, that ! the Se.pgrám-iit-arms nibke return to Ihe writ ' of haVéiè fc-órpus, and Uiat I"' fake wiih him bofpre the ccurl hig body of Rilbtmrn. :


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