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Rivers And Harbors

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Thr nmiul approprl&tlODI for Ilir Wr-;. The Itiver and Harbor Appropriatiou ' bill, as passed by the House of sèntatives, appropriates a grand total of :", 872,850, of which $481,000 is appropriated for tho New England Stad s, 657,000 for the Middle States, inolnding Ohio, $1,627,000 for tlie AVestern States, including all tlie Territorios and California, and ,l]:5,850for the Southern Stafces. Among the appropriations in which Western men are most directly interested are those for the following rivers and harbors : Uliffalo, N. Y , $ 7-,(ifK) Sïperior Bay, Wta 8,000 Dnlntli, Minn 15,000 Oütoiiaim, Mioll 15.000 Kaglo Harbor, Mich 15.1X10 Marquettfe, Mtoh 6,011(1 Krankíort, Mitía 5,0(0 Mimiï-ti i .Mvh lö,(JOÜ Ludkigton, Hlch ,; 10,000 I'utwattr, Mich ](),IKX) Wilite Hiver, Mlrh [ 10, Om) SiuiskegoB, Mich i.vko Qrand Haven, Mich " 15,000 Oreen liiy, Wis k 00(1 Meuou om,', ïis '.". jo'ouo Almppoe, i Two Uivers, Wis ÏS.OUO St. Anthony' Falla, Miuu 125,000 Minncsuta river, Minn in. 000 Toledo, O SmuUwky, 0 30,(100 Vpmiilliou. 0 5,000 Cleveland breakwater, o 75 000 Chicago, 111 5000 Du Moiiies rapidg 275.0C0 lïlai-k Lake, Sïich 15.000 Sajaeatuck, Mich .II...... 3000 St, joacph, Mich 1-J.IHM) tarnlinvm-. Wis 10.0ÍJO Bheboj uu. Wis I ! 8.000 Port WxKhiOKton, Wis IS, 500 ; Oawcgo, N. f 75,(106 ' Michigan City, Iud 50 000 Ht.LouiB, Mo. ; so'oOO Kouth Haven, Mich 10,000 St. Man V river and St. Itaiy's f all canal 200,000 Chebovgari, Mich. (tnfllic gtraitt) 10,000 AuöjMc river, M'cli 2,600 Saglnaw river, Mich 11,000 Mihvaukoe, Wie 26,000 Kenoslia, Wia sí.ihhi Mlssiaslppi i-'mt (above fallf') 2O.DO0 Monroe., Mich 7,000 Charlevoix, Mich „ 10 000 ■l'limi.lcr Bay, Micb 15,000 MCargoe's Cove, Mich 15,000 Ashtabula, O 10 OM) Port Clinton, O ' ' 6,000 Falrport,0 8,000 Fox and Wiscousiu river 190,000 Erie, I'a 4 0, (100 Harbor of refuge (Lako Hurou), Mich 100,000 Wabush river, lud 75,000 Calumet, 111 '25,000 river, Hl 40,000 Ked River Of the North 10,000 Upper MiBüisöippi river 20,000 Rock iBlandrapide Jo,000 Misnisííppi, Missouri, and Arkanra river.i-, . l'2ö,000 MliwisBippi river (betweon Illinois and Ohio ver) 200,000 Ohio river Í75.OOO Bxamlnation, aurvoye, etc MissiSKljjpi jettieB 15, 000 Raciue, Wi cj ,ioo Mississipui river (mouth) 100,000


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