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The Great English Landowners

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Compiled from lists taken froin the now Domesday Book juat. issued in England tho following roll of the great ! landholders of England and Wales who ! derive from lauda alone in these ■ tries incomes of more than L80,000 sterling a year. It should be understood that this roll in many cases gives no accurate account of the total incomes of the persons mentioued in it, since it in no case includes incomes derived from any other source than lands in England and Wales, excluding London. The Duke of Sutlierland, for example, bas an income rougbly estimated at L200,000 1 from bis property in London, Scotland j and Ireland over and above the L72,728 derived from his English estates. The '■ Dukes of Porland and Bedford have at least an eqnal income from tlieir London property ; and the Duke of Westminster, whose income from his London property is estimated at L400,000, doos not appéar at all in the front rank of rural English propiïètórs. The Marquis of Bute has a very large Seottish ineome wbich does not appear in this roll, and many of the woalthiest .prrprietors of Great Britain, titled andjuntitlcd, do not figure in itatall. Bnt taken as it stands, it fnrnishes a very striking picture of tlie immense development of the territorial wealth of England since the répeal of the corn laws : DDEJES. Norfolk L264,66! Nortlnmibrrlaml 176,044 Bedford 140,547 i DevonsUire 140,403 Cleveland !).',75 Newowtto Ti'.'ii? Rutland k'iitiicrlaml 72. 728 Portland 68,986 kUSQl lsi:s. Bute 185,710 Angioura 107,361 F.ARLK. Derby ] 63,320 Dudloy 120,851 Fitz William 89,Í19 Briwnlow HS.urr, Yarborougb 76,220 Durham "t.ti.'Z LoBBdalo f.;), sïtyt Poto 03,806 Stamfoi'd and Warrington ;H 217 Shn v.sbiiry and Talbot 4I!ONS. Calthorp 12'2,Ö2Ö Trcclegar 118.41S ■licconitold f7,271 Uverstone BARONETS. Sir John Kumndon .......:.:. 17(,n;!i Sir Lawrence Palk ' 1(]9,276 Sir J. Kt. Atiliyn UNTJTLEl). Hon. Mark Kullo 70,580


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