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Life In Sponge

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Recent investigatione ha o shown tliis cmious faot abput sponges : that uo j matter how long ït may have been tisëil ' kept dry, its lifo is apparently restored j wh?n it is wet. The spOnge boing wet with warm water and placed in & warm room, the extremities of the sponge, j ter a little while, appcar to be alive, nnd reach out like ko ïuauy snakes - the longor Ihpy are the greater tlie niction. Neaily lialf of all the siender points seem to eomo' to Iife, Vmt al'ter they become , dry tint mot.ion ceases. AUsorts of duBt inay be put iipon the apongo, so tbat they should be ander the name oireumstanccs as tlie pores of the spouge, but notliing but the poros how anj motioíl. I These moviug parta, when caught with pliei-R, would pull out a portion of tho j ponge. When there is ranch water in the sponge they seem satisfied ; but it is as the sponge is drying gradually t liat i'vidcnces of Iife are exhibitVi - this fact beiug discovored with an instru.ment which magnifie only forty-two diameters.


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