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The American Man Market

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Tho Kditorof the iMnino Ago writes f rom New Örleans: "The third municiprJity is below ihc first, nnd is known by tlic name of ':Spanish Town." It is of little importance in ii commercial poin.t of view, except nsbi-iig the principal seat of the slnvc trn6e for the city, and con taina probably tho most extensiveslavo mnrket in the Union. In passing through this part of the ciiy, nny day, miny himdrcds of slapes nuiy be ranged in line in front of the estut'nishmcnts of the different deaers, e.posed for sale. These slave.s consist irincjipally of young ju-grocsam! mulattocs of bothsexes, varying in age froin a dozen to thirty ycars. Thoy are all clean and ve!l dresscd, and appear to be in good health. In passing through market we were invariablv invited by the sluves themselvcs to become their purchasers, and in many instances these in vital ons were very pressing, and as nn induce-ment to pu rebaso they would set forth liieir own good qualiiies in the strongesltcrms. On onquiry, wc founiJ tuut a very largo proporlion of tho slaves in this market, cumo from the Slatcs of Maryland nnd Virginia."