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Strange Murder Tria

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A most extraordinary murder trial has just come to an end in Germany in which a young woman was acquitted iu spite of her confesaion of her guilt. The girl broke off au engagement wifch a young man on account of bis poverty, to her great distress, and married au elderly banker. She still kept up conimunication witli her former lover, and iipon thc death oí lier hnsband sbe confessed that sbe poisoned hiin with morphine in order to marry her first love. Btit the body of the deceased showed no signs of poisou, and nfter a long trial, in vchieh sim was ably defended in spite of horself, the jury decided, as the doctors had alroady, that tho banker died a natural death. The girl was not insane, according to the medical experts, but influènced by morbid sontimeuts or imIr is said that corn losns one-flfth and wheat onefourteouth by drying. From tbis estímate it seems that it would be more; profitable to the farmor to solí sholled com in the fall, at seyenty-five onnte per bushel, thau to keep it uutil j spring and sell at $1, and that wheat at SI. 25, iu December, is equal to $1.50 I the 8ucceeding June. In cases of potatooH, taking thoso that rot and are otherwise lost, together with tho shrinkage, thereis littlc rfonbt that betwefen October and June, the loss to thc o.wuer that h)ldtbemÍ8 uöt less thnu thirty-tiireo per cent,


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