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Gen. Santa Anna In His Old Age

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He lives in the city of Mexico, iu a third rate house of two stories, with courts of nofc more than twenty feet square, the pavenieut out of repair, the whole telling the story of poverty. He was seated on a muchwoan sofa, j ed hy a sniart-appearing Mexican of middle agc, and rose, with some i ty, in recoiving us. He complained eonsiderably of his wooden leg, and also of blindness. He is an old man of eighty years, very ' deerepit, yet in full command of his j faculties ; lias a good hend nnd face, not j unlike the pictnres of Humboldt in old ! age, with broad temples, and au abrupt, square uose, and, at ono time, good eyes. He had little to say, but appeared i pleased at our visit ; and, as wc told hiin of the four or five general officers of the Mexican war still living, he listened with interest, but showed no special recognition until the name of Pillow was montioned, whom he remembered perfectly. Over the sofa where Santa Anna sat was the picture of a beautiful woman in her fullness of youth and loveliness. This was his wife when both led the fortunes of Mexico As we passed out the court our attention was called to the figure of a woman of fifty in the window opposite, in plain dress, and devoid of any interesting attribute. This was she whose picturo had so interested us, Mrs. Gen. San


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