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Drifted Apart

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I must not look upou thy face, lts roemory dear must fade away ; Not ever more sball its sof I graoe Shed liííht and hope on life's dark way. Into thine eycs I umst not gaze, Bnt strangere we shall nenceforth ote ; Yet ead regrets for happy daya Will come, I fcu'ow, to you and me. I love thee stil], but yet mus o&flfc, The sweet but hopeless lo e away ; Likr teuder'st flower crushed by the blast, Onr fonrteet hopea urast now decay. But tn-juh we dr.ft far, far apart, Though eJierishod hopos all wlthef and die, There Btill yhall live in each sftd hearf, Sad thouphtf that bring both toar and sigh. As hope is dead, would mcmory too Migbt cease to torture with its pain ; In a conmion grave let both be laid, And trouble us never, never agáin, ■Vhy dreain of joj a too lright to last ? Why padly niourn our bitter lot? Better to bid farewell to the paít, Each forgetting, and cach forgot. My heart yon havo, and my prayers I give, That in the coming vreary yeara, In love and euufhine you xnay live, With never a thought to bring you tears. May atrong arnis shield you f rom the storm, And loving lips thy praises ppeak ; Thouph I no more may clasp thy form, Nor taste the rosee on thy chefk. And when God sentís Hly aïigüls ïorth, With blefRingB laüened ftor tbc good hd trtie, To your home and Iiearth 1 bray ihey'Ü coliie, And bting Iheir rlchest f?ïfts to you; fteyoöd tbr grave wc 'üiay Swetï agÁin, . In ft, land whet-e all are permitted to love. Will you vttit for me in thit happy land ; Oli ! e'ay will you meet me there above?


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