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A Texas Incident

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Tliii Waco (Texis) Exarnln&r, of the i 4th inst. ,lias a paragraph headed," I ly Done," which reads: "A young inau i living some ten or fifceen miles above the city was awakened one night j ly by tl) e suspicious barkiug and growling of his dogs in the. yard. Bising ligtetly from bod, ho pefcped out throngli the window pane, and there sure enough, ï he dissovered tlie canse of the disturbanoe. Dimly outlincd in the moonlight stood the form of a man. With one hand he was evidenÜy vuityiug the ; tleman's fine horse, waich stood haltered ior tho night, while yit.h the other he held a six-shooter, pointing direotly at the front door. 'i'aking in the situation at a glance, our young friend gently reached ior his shot-gun, and, passing out at the back door and round tue ner, opened the attaök from ati unexpeeted and wholly üngarded quarter. Ünder this skillful generalship the enemy cauie down while in the act of monnting, and withotit even so much as responding to the iirst fire. The deceased was buried vdthout the honors of eitber pgaoe or war."


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