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Meat Killed At A Distance

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Some bold experimenters bny the best ] class of cattle in Chicago, kill there, and ! take the dressed meat to the Philadelphia markets in ioe-packed cars kept at a temperatura below 35 . The meat is sokl direotly to the consumero (not the i butchers) at a reduction of thirty-four j per cent. on the usual price. It is of I the tiuest gram and quality, and is in every respect superior to the flesh of cattle brought on the hoof from the West ! in overhealed cars, ill supplied with both food and water. So great has been the I success of this experiment in Philadelphia that in a fortnight's time the butch ers, who were preparing to raise their prices to starvation height in the prospect of the Centennia], have beenforced I to reduce them five cents per pound, and tlicre is hope that when the enterprise 1 becomes estabiisbod and wideus its operations meat will l)J permaucntly chcapI ened. In 1875, 222 persons were killed in London by being run over by vehicles, aud nearly 3,000 others were injured in the sanio way. Of tUe3e victiins soaie ! wero iuürm and a few intoxicated, bat Ü:.3 was not tlie caso with inauy ; so Ihiit the aci'.ideuts must ba attribuUid to recklesa Uriviug.


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