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The Best Vegetables To Plant

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Scribner s Monthly is prmting a series of timely and practical papera in its " Home and Society" departoient, entitled "Rural Topics," by the well-known horticulturist, P. T. Quinn. The following is from the May mitnoer : April aml May are the two busy months in a well-maiiaged vegetable garden. Daring these months the most important work of the season has to be hurried through, for planting time is hort, and there are many small matters that need prompt attontion. First of all is the selection of choice garden seeds of recent growth, and such as wül be found true to name. Tho surest way is fco select from each year's erop a few of the best specimens of the same to raise seed from. Por the rest, send to some responsible seed merchant, and don't depend on the kind of stock fonnd in small boxes in the country grocery stores. As a matter of reference for those not familiar with the best sorts of vegetable seeds and plants, I append the following list, naming two or tliree kinds of each to select from : Dwarf Beans- Early Valentino and Refuge. Pole Beans- Large White L'ma and Horticnltnral Cranberry. Beeis-DnA Eed Egyptian and Long Smooth Blood. Cabbage- Jersey Wakefield (early), and Premium Flat Duteh and Druin'jeatl Savoy (late). Ciicumber- White Spine and Long Green. Carrot- Blies' Improved Long Orange. Gom- Moore's Early and Stowell's Everf een. Gautifimèer- Erly and late Erfurt. Celer'y- Dwarf Incomparable and Boatou Market.' Egy Plant- Iniproved New York. Lelluce- Cnrled Silesia and Butter. Musk Melon- S'iillman's Fine Netted. Wati-r Melon - Mountain Sweet. Onions- Wethorsüeld Eed and White Portugal. Parsnips- Long Smooth. Peae- l'hiladelphia Estra Early, Carter'R Firdt Crop, Champion of Euglaud, and White Jtarrowfat. Peppen - LMge ScpMBh and Buli-uose. Jtadishes- Turnip Starlet, Long Soarlet, and White Spanisb. S' Crookueok. Bobtoc Marrow, and Hubbard. In ihis brief list will be found tiie leading kinds grown both by maiket and private gardeners near large cities. With bush beans, peas and radishes, it is best to repêat the sowings every two or tLree weeks, until the middle of June. By following tuis plan, a fresh supply of these sorts will keep coming on for table use until late in the season.


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