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New Mode Of Making Butter

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For tliofollowing inform.-ition, if nscfn!, Atncricnn readers are imlebted to the "ÖoërnópoIitorV1 correspondent oftfie Boston Atlas, now wrrting 'froni EngRnd. " Ánotlicr. jiscovory ha9 made, vhicli I tlit uk. il right 10 mentían, 03 it mny be porhnpa adopted in America wiih uilvantagc. Il ia luihcr a curiotid iJea, ccrlaiiily, fora lij.sliop to lecome ii pntënt bnttcr niiiker, bm 80 it ie. Tlie Bislinp of Derry. lins disovered thut the old proccsh ol churning may bo Jónenwoy wiih. IIo sends n eticnni of ntinusplicric nir tlirough the crenm, and tho oxygon of the tmosphere thua coming in contact with it, spccdily otivorts it into buttcr, of a botter qunlity md vvilli loss lnbor thaii by the old proceas Eleven (,ríl"118 ol cronm, on ono )ccniion. pioiluced 2G Ibs. ol butter. This mode of buttcr making is bocoming generul, and porhaps goido of your agricultura! roadera moy tnke tlio hint."An exchango pnper has tho following para grnph on the Pork trude of 184G : . "From privnteaa well na public eonrece, we liave obtuined tlio total rnmiiint packed i n ÍÍT " twoofthe principal poluta in tbc Wub. The rcüult i iIini theic have been pucked in these places J(5,000 moro lio:8 l.lian in tlic previous cason of 1844-5. This tnakes nn mivanc t the total of 50 per cent. Nor dota ihc inqvrry into a great ninnber of places t all diminieh ihat ratio. Thcro are more places in the interior wherc there has been a Inrgcr ímount of Hoge put up than there are whoro thc amount jsdimished. On the o'.her hand the numbor oí Hogs packed in 1845-6 ie not materially diferent froro thatofl843-4."