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1 - This is the sort of baok-hancUd lap Dr. Holland, of Seribner'i Monthly ' give8 the present ocoupant of the, ] White House : " In the next Presilential election the people really desiria, we belieTe, to vote for aud elect a genlemttii and a statesmau - a man who will astiociate hiruself in Government only with gentlemen and statesmen, and who will send only suob to represent the Government abruad." Agiiin : ' It is just as impossible to have a hightoned Administration, with a lowtoned President, as it is to hve a high toned household with a loafer at its head." And Dr. Holland is not a Demcrat. - J. B. S., writing sketches of " possible candidates " in the New York World, makes Siuion Cauieron say - at au entertainment giveu by the thon Speaker Blaine to the " press-gang : " " But there's one thing l've loarnud - a little raaxim which 111 give you younger men tor your benefit. Aud that is, ' lle honest as long as it's the best polier ! " Unless Únele Simón has been a longsuffering victiiu of slander he has not ofton found " honesty the best policy." - The Philadulphia Nvrth American " gets right up aud howls " at the bare auggostinii that Conkling eau get the vote of' the Pennsylvania dolegation in the Cinciunati Cunvention. Conkliug oommitted the unpardouable siu in lus " malignant opposition to uvery stage of progioas of the project of the Ountenuial Kxposition." Aud yet Sinion Caineron, who owns Penusylvania, - unless he is mistaken, - tavors thu nuniiuation of Conkling. - The " bill to transfer the Office of I intimi Affairs trom the Interior to the War Departuiont " passed the House on Friday last by a vote of l:}0 yeas to 94 uays, - 6) members not votiug. The Miohigau members voced : for the bill, A. S. Williams ; agaiust it, Conger, Potter, Waldron, Willard, aud Wiüiuin B. Williams; absent or dodged, Bradley, Durand (absent ou leave), and Hubbell. - The Allegan Kepublican County Convttntiou was hold on the 21st. A resolution instructing delegates to tko Stata CoDvuntion in favor of Blaine was tabled, but a vote was taken tor a Presiden lial eaudidate witli the following result : Blaine, 81; Bristow, 8; Dou Hendorson, 8 ; Chftndler, 3 ; and (Joli'ax, ', with a beap of scattering ballots. - The N. Y. lleruld thinks Conkliiig the coming man, or in lts own words " all the tides of victory run toward his keel." It adds : " The party is a Grant party. It is weak as hu is weak, and strong as he is strong. No man can be nominated who will not represent Orantism as fully as Mr. Conkling." Then let it be Conkliug. - It is givcn out that Mr. Barnum, who bas bad Senatorial aspiratious, will contest for the prize agaiitst Senator Knglish or " any other man." If Baritum and English can get up a good lively iight, it is to be hoped that Hon David A. Wells will pocket the pluiu. - With ürunt a pillar and Senator Logan a member, the Metropolitan (Methodist) Church at Washington must be a liberal sample of the " broad church." Ko exclusiveuess or superTision of either croed or bubits. - The Detroit Tribune protests that Michigan has no " favorito son," and demanda that a delegation uninstructed and unfladged to him or any other man be sent to üincinnati. - "A very strong Biistow club "has been organzied in Bostón : which dou't look a.s though ex-Speaker Blaine has New lingland in his pockets. - The Nebraska Democrats have declared for " hard money " and sent a Tilden delegation to the St. Louis Convention. Precept and example. - Morton claims to divide with Blaine the rote of the Virginia delegation. " Moses " says tliat the (ïovemment has contracted the oiirrenoy $1,300,000,000. Whew ! VV'hat a liar a greenbucker can bu whea he tries - .AnnArbor Aryus. And O ! what matohless iifnorance a genuine coutractionist can display when oonflrontdd bv faets. " Moseá " tetls the truth. - CoUhcater Reporter. "Iguorance " eh ! Now give us your "fac;ts : " the exact amount of the curreney issued beforo that coHtraction of $1,300,000,000 took place, the date at which the currency issues of all kinds touched the maximum, and of what the inflated stuiF consisted. Assertions won't aaswer : figure up or dry up.


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