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Tie TwoBoss Plows. THE OLIVER CHILLED AND These Plows are to-day the two lïoss Plows of the country 'l'liry tuk o no back Beat foranythlng called a Plow. They don't po a bi'Kgiug for n - tomen i they gnt futo the haucs of farmers without being (broed oai on lx or eight months time. wii.'n they go they st&y, and timi is Buffideni recommend for any PIow. I tlmply ask any fttrier, whethi t wauls to buy n rultivalor or DOK, to step in and examino the GORHAM &. BUCKEYE MM CLLTIVATOHS ! and jndg6 for himself, as it wil] cost him nothiog, and i wlll walt on htm wlth plcaaure. Thoj arearrangdd for both corn and öülow; can givs the teeih any angle you choosu, to turn the earth to r from the corn plant, cal] and ace them for yuursclvos inri yon wiíl !-■ ln-iii-r s;itisliod thun you iflll wiili anything I oan bot on paper. J have varloua kinds of onorhorse cultivator aalt, nrater linif, and uil kinds of Field and Garden Seeds, 1 ain si i M agent Ur Bereral diflferenl Undsofthreehng machines, among them is the u]( rellable Buffalo l'iits, wit h iiüiny nev ImproTcments on M'parator, wlth tenandtwelve bono raouuted power. Also, the Battle Creek Vlbratoii with mounted power. I579tn8 M. EOCEHS. Sewing Machines T2IE SI2STGEB., 1TETV DOMESTZC, And tïie HOTVE, Ainl Bevers] good Sccoud-Hand Hachlnee at the SEWINü MACHINE OFFICE, Aon Albor. Abo Needies for all Machines The vft-v tn-si tb al tire made, and attachmenta and parta flor nearly all machines. S1NGER MACHINES Hspairi'd hntter thrrv than :mywhero el in Aiuciica. II' your machine don'f worU velL mir it i'.n oo fchai does, r have it repaired. All ma(-Murs gold n easy paymonta :it the offloo. Necand door est of FunI Office, Aun Arbor, RElch. (1Ö56J i i„ ;itirri,. Airent. pASHIONABLE DUESS MAKING. Miss Wood invites the of Aim Arbor und virinity to crtll ut h r DreH-Maklng Room, over lj'tortst A. Bell, Washington Hti-tet. A full int'nf new umi l;tfist styles of piittenis cmut mty on hand. (imility ot wurk wurranted, nml pi ices mide to snittbe iim. A linre (ii publicp.itonairt' ia reapt-ctfuily aohuited. 4wlfi78


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