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Tender Mercies Of War

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All persons icho have nicc nolions (hout natural affeciion have no busjness í títe Anny. - Quis. American mothers, read this short story; there is moaning n it. In 1814; a soldier was shot at, New York, for going thirly "r lorty miles irom tlio camp, without leave, Í0 visit klis wife mui threo small cliildri-ii. - Aftcr the usuul prolimnries in such cases, his coiTin, a box ofrough pino boards, was borne before liirn on tbc shoulders oftwo men to the place of executiqn. Ho worè, os a winding'-sÜeot, u white cotton gown, having óver the piuco of lus heart tho black iinnge of n hearl, fur the executioners to aim at. lijs countennñce ivas as pilo as his wïnding-sheot, and his wl.olo frame trembled with Dgony. His grave was lu, the coffili placed by its siJe, and the desertor, with his cap drnwn over his cyes, required to kneel upnn the lid. At this signul, the oight soldier?, drawn by lot for the bloody deed, stepp(d furward within two rods of the victiin;and at another signa! from the oflïccr, all fircd at the samo instant. The miserable man, wilh a horrid screain, leanod from the oarth and feil bctwecn his coffm and his gravo. The sergeant, to ensure imirqeoiaio doalh, shot hini through thn lioad, holding his hiusket so ncar that tho captook fue; mul thorc tho body lay: ivith llic herid sonding forth tho minglcd fumes of burning cotton and hair. The soldicrs, aftcr passing closo by the rorpse in u line to let cvciy one sce for himsolf the futo a deserter, marchcd back totho morry notes of Yankee Doodle! and n.11 tho oCilcors vverc immediately invited into the quarters of tho commandor, and treatcu with grog ! !