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The Turn Vereiners dii a general tree lltug business at their park yesterday. '' Comp"}' 8 S've a " PUD'1C inspection and ,, .,t the armory on Monday eveuing uext. Au YpMlWlti delegation - seven ladies and „eutlemeu- visited the University and Ui2h School on Tuesday. p Crimier, assignee, will sell the entire ,kot furnitore, etc, of J. Muehlig & Bro., uctioüi commenciug May 10, at 1 1-2 o'clock „Atthe hour of going to press yesterday, best men " of Co. H, of Ypsilanti, and B, of tbis city, were " shootiug it out " - ltRlief Pwk. _Xiie tuuoral services of Mis. Lucy Bilbee, ,jeof Mr. Walter liilbee, will be held in the IJuitariaii Cliurch, to-day, April '28th at 'l j[ prienda ure invited to attend. .Dn Wednesday rnorning Rev. Dr. Brigreceived a London paper which had como thiough iu just eleven days. The quickest Uuu ever made by' lus London mail the Dr. gV3. _0eo. Sutton, assignee of the Ann Arbor lading Association, is paying a 14 per cent. litiileiid to the patient-waiting cteditois of that defunct concern. It was preceded some „Huago by a 10 per cent. dividend. _John Lansiiifj, tormerly a resident of Pittïtield, died at Lansing on the 19th inst., of :,in of tlie luugs, and was biiried in the Lodi cemetery on the 20th. He was a tother of Mrs. Harvey Banister, of this city. _Dr, Douglas has brought an action for liI tilaai"si B. A. Beal, ot the Courier, laying tadamages at $óO,UOO, The declaration uot iiring been h'led we are unable to give the tecific words or languag cornplained of or et up. _Xhs thirty years old drug finn of Eberlach & Co. has beeu dissolved, Emanuel Mina retiring and being succeeded by üttmar öerbach. Mr. Mann takes the interest of Eberbach & Co. iu the tinu of Hutzel & Co., roers, ete. The new drug firm is now Inown as Ëberbach & Sou. '. -Dr. Douglaa gave to tho public, through ia Cwrirr,oi last week, a f uil, unreserved, ind positive denial of all charges that he has improperly used, or titüod to account for a dollar of laboratory moneys, or that ho lofiuaiiy way pieyed upon the Uuiversity or rongei it to the amount of a single penny. -Our neifjhbor of the Courier was discovereda íew days luokiug wistiully ut a fish trabón, aud theu heard to exclaim : " There, 1 nt ust goin' over to buy some fish, but tkre is tliat libel snit. I shall have to stick to lii iwhile, it is cheaper, and will stand by me louger." That's self-deuial worth recordig. - Nathan Buzzard, a farmer living on the olj " Kingsley farm," just south of the city, tA ou Monday last of pneumonía - hayiug tiseD a cold ou the löth inst. He was a quiet, .: MQffiiug nian, a good ueighbor, a kind and parent, and an arr'ectiouate husband, -esteemed the most by those who knw him best, -Fifty-six men are now being worked by tbAnn Arbor Agricultural Coinpauy, aud Ikemaiiagers say that doublé the force could fe worked and then the deniand for their imnite not be met. Capital is the one IhfMeded. And yat shrewd business men plant their surplus moneys in doubtful enterprises elsewhere. -Two "special detectives"' were in this ctaonïriday last, and our neiyhbor of the Coimfffas honored with a quiet interview. .4uotiunderbolt has since "lit," we surmise me to the eonclosion that they had k Liimted here to aid iu pulling somebody's 'l tbestuuts out of the fire, However, it' anytiág comes out of their coming and goiug onrreiders shall be advised. -l'lie Centenmal Guard, a Grand Rapids ■■■nipany of which John Clancy, Jr. ■ 'ihose death we noticed last week), was a nbsr, jiassed a series of resolutions eulopmg the deceased, extuuding the sympathy mhiscomradea to his surviving fnenUs, di■ 'in the arinory to be draped in mourning 't period of thirty days, and ordering a copv yresented to the widow and parents of tte deceased, together with their pubhcation. - Ope oí the city supervisors met a cool iption a few days ago while engaged in liking the census ot births and deaths. A lidy meeting: him at the door naturally mistMkhim for a " book agent," and told him to "geteout, we don 't wish to biiy anything, ware pestered to death by sich," and other tqmlly pointed exclamations. It took coniiaerable patience, perseveiance, talk, smiles, tt.,to malee his situation and mission uuderod. But he suceeeded, and left - " a happy au ' . 3. nsdiiy nïghtftf ast week the stores of Wm. Wagner and Charles Boylan were toiglanzed. Mr. Wagner's store was entered ttrough a rear window and by boring through e close fchutters and forcing the fasteniugs to tah shutters and sash. Boylan 's store was tntered by forcing a rear door. From Wag"r'u small amouut of miscellaueous goods ' taken, and some pistoli, second-hand niches, etc, from Boylan's. The burglars e considérate,- probably hecause they fndthe "cash boxes " empty. i correspondent writes us to point out a "ngle mistake in our article (see last week's AüW3) on " The War of the 'Pathies." An 'PPI was not made from the decisión oí '% Crane holding that he had no jurisdic He refused to allow an appeal, - there 6 ao case decided and nothing to appeal n' An independent suit was brought in ""Supreme Court, under the act of 1873, i'widing for the appointment of two proWorsof homeopathy,- namiug their chairs, "e MaiKtamus ïjemg reiused by a divided rot, Tke declaration in the libel suit brought by t ffatson aaiit B. A. Beal and W. W. "ilhce, was öled in the office of the County "'erk on Monday. As we suggested at the "" f noticiug the commencemeut of the ""'-the libel cousists in the publication of a Wli advmtisemunt in which Wailace offered tor sale" au order given by Prof. Watson on 'Arm Arbor Priuting and Publishing Coin'"'?■ The declaration is drawn in " lagal i and containa the stook phases and toral allegatious handed down from past gener'"% and repeated in successive clauses wilh '■ 'ariations. As a specimen " brick " we 'ote: the said defendaut " greatly envying ellaPPy state and condition of the said "Mntiff, and contriviug and wickedly aud maslyinteuding to injure the said plaiutiff ■'s said Sood name, fame, and credit, and "ing him into public scandal and disgraue," Pobtwh, etc. We only add that the dec'ou a8u sets up acceptance aud paymeut 0 'he order before the publicution of the ad'esemtnt, by crediting Wailace the amount lht'et in account. ts" aiother column we permit a " Tax-Payto pay his reepoct to the annual report Superiutendents of the Poor. We do ''" accordance with a uuiversal newspaper e to give correspondente space to fairly dis Public mattsrs,- even though their utter■ ' are not iudorsed, as tht-y are not in ■ la this case. The Superintendente will ntitled to the same space for a reply, and ' "8 by some "weak joints in thearmor" ,;' WlU uo doubt be able to make an effect'8 one.