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The Churches--city And County

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- Tweuty-íivo persons wcre baptizad at the M. E. Cliurch on fSunday morning last, and a number of members added to the lists. - At the Lutheiau Church (old) on Sunday foreaoon last, the rite of conh'rmation was administered to forty candidates. - The vestrymen of St. Audrew's Church (EpiscopalJ have elected the foUowing ottioers : Wardeus, Dr. S. H. Douglas, C. H. Millen ; Secretary, Prof. C. S. Denison ; Treasurer, Dr. W. B. Smith. - Subjeots of disoourse of Rev. C. H. Brighara, at Unitarian Church next Sunday : Morning - "A good merchant - the true benevolence - lessons froin the lite of Amos Lawrence." Evening- " The pmmtive religión of Japan." ritudents' class at 9.30 A. M.-"The character of Beishazzar." - Dr. Hunt, a colored missionary (rota Liberia (and heralded as formerly oí the household of Daniel Webster), addressed a unión congregation at the M. E. Church on Sunüay afternoon last, on the " Missions to Western África." He did u't think the inass of liew colored recruits received trom the United States were great civilizers. -At 4 o'clock P. M. yesterday, - after the Aroüs was put " to press," the organ at the new Congregfttioual Church was to be tested. The Organ Concert is set down tor Weduesday evemng, May lüth, and the church will probablv be dedicated May llth. Regular services will commence in the church Suuday, May 14th. Rev. H. L. Hubbsll being stiil disab'.ed from service, Prof. Fisk, of Chicago ; Rev. Mr. Hoyt, of Grand Rapids ; and Rev. Mr. Prudden, of Lansing, will minister temporarily to the congregatiou.